Baseball Hitting Begins With Proper Balance

by : Jack Elliott

Hitting a home run may be the single most exciting thing about Baseball Hitting. The thrill of being able to touch them all is something that all players should get to experience. One thing that can help this become a reality, is having a proper stance at the plate.

Proper weight distribution is very important in Baseball Hitting because it allows the hitter to have more control at the plate. With good balance, a hitter can consistently use all his power to hit the baseball. Also, good balance allows the hitter to recover from being fooled by an off-speed pitch and either foul off the pitch or hit it to the opposite field.

One little known technique to help Baseball Hitting is to develop your body balance by using Tai Chi principles. For those who do not know, Tai Chi is a martial arts that focuses on balance and controlling one's center of gravity. A number of major league baseball players use Tai Chi drills to improve their baseball hitting stance.

One such exercise is as follows:

1.Stand upright and lift your right leg off the ground where it is perpendicular to the body. (It is okay if the leg is bent).

2.Place you hands together in a prayer position roughly three inches from your chest.

3.Hold this position for 1 minute and 30 seconds by trying to stay completely upright.

4.Then repeat steps 1-3 with your other leg.

As you practice this technique, try to get to the point where you can hold this position for a number of minutes. To make this exercise even more of a challenge, close your eyes during this exercise and move your hands above your head. (The hands should still remain touching each other in this position). This will require you to have even greater control and more concentration. In addition, this training is also very good for improving your baseball pitching motion.

The end result of this exercise will be improved balance for your Baseball Hitting. With an improved stance, you just might be closing in on putting one in the cheap seats.