Mlb: Yankees Defeat the Indians With Wangs Aid

by : Stephen Lars

Moments after defeating the Cleveland Indians by 1-0, the Yankees received a hard blow: For the first time in the season the Puerto Rican Jorge Posada will be in the injured list.

New York Yankees catcher Posada stated "It's very disappointing, it is possibly the most disappointing moment of my career". Posada has been suffering a chronic shoulder pain for more than a week now situation that has forced him to take a leave.

Before the arrival of the dreadful news about Posada, in seven innings Chien-Ming Wang overcame C.C. Sabathia who surrendered a home run to the Dominican Melky Cabrera; helping the Yankees breaks a record of three defeats.

Wang's (5-0) contribution was great indeed; four hits, punched nine players basically his greater record of the season; besides becoming the unique winner of five games in the American League. Also, Wang carried out 113 throws taking the Yankees to average .500.

Joba Chamberlain did back up Wang; Chamberlain did a great job in the eighth inning during his first appearance in Cleveland since his second game of the 2007 playoffs.

The Panamanian Mariano Rivera helped during the ninth inning, for his rescue number seven of the season and the 450 in his career, a record that only Trevor Hoffman and Reads Smith had obtained before.

On the other hand, Torii Hunter and the Dominican Erick Aybar achieved three careers each one and helped Los Angeles Angels defeat 6-2 the Detroit Tigers in a series of three games.

The Angels have earned 10 of their last 14 games, which give Anaheim a total of 16 victories very close to Oakland Athletics in the leadership fight in the Western Division of the American League; their next game will be on Monday evening in Anaheim.

Hunter explained that "We can compete against any even in the position that we are in question of health", "we do not have to our first opener, John Lackey or Kelvin Escobar due to injuries, but when we have them back, we will be even better", added.

James Shields launched Sunday for the first time in the major leagues and Evan Longoria connected a home run; the Tampa Bay Blue Rays defeated 3-0 the Red Sox completing a series of three games.

Additionally, Tampa Bay won its 6th consecutive game achieving their best record since the July-August 2005 one.

In the American League games, the Athletics won by 4-2 to the Mariners, the Rangers defeated 6-1 the Twins, the Blue Jays overcame the Royals by 5-2, and the White Sox defeated 6-1 the Baltimore Orioles.

On the other hand, Brandon Webb surpassed Jake Peavy in a series of launches that contributed to the previous two Cy Young trophies of the National League; carrying Arizona Diamondbacks to a victory of 2-1 over San Diego Padres.

Consecutively, LA Dodgers James Loney marked a simple career advantage in the tenth inning sweeping the Colorado Rockies in three games by 3-2.

It's the first time that the Dodgers achieve three consecutive triumphs in a season, under the lead of their new team manager Joe Tower, who utilized his 24th different alignment in 25 games, while continues to seek for efficient players. Tower advanced to the playoffs in 12 consecutive seasons with the New York Yankees.