Wall Art and Sports - Kick, Throw, Hit- on your Wall

by : Robert Riles

The connection between wall art and sports is so strong that everyone would have had it in their rooms while they were young. It is a way to display the love one has for their favorite sports stars and teams. The various colour posters that are stuck on the wall and all over the room are a way of us showing off who we love or who we look upto. The wall art and sports link is so deep that it goes back to earlier centuries. Also it has become a fashion to have a wall art and sports related item or object in one's house or room. There are different phases we go through in life and every time something new happens, our personality goes through a metamorphosis. This might also include a change in things we like, actors and sports players we start being crazy about.

Some sports personalities are known for the way they play a game, and others are known for their looks. It is said that girls have posters of male players while men have pictures and pin ups of female sports players. And it is typically during one's adolescence that the urge to do up a room develop and they go berserk filling up every inch of space in their rooms. Sometimes this becomes a topic of disagreement between parents and children. There are some who play a certain sport and worship a particular player good at that game and have their pictures and photos all over their room. This forms as a motivational factor for them as they aspire to become like the person in the wall art.

Lance Armstrong, Michael Jordon and Tiger woods are some examples of sports stars that have made it big in their field and accomplished a lot. The fact that Lance survived cancer and came out a winner is inspiration to many who pick up wall art related to him and place them in their rooms. These wall art and sports related products become part of the interiors decoration in a house. Also if a player created a record and was placed in the record books, he suddenly becomes famous and there will be a string of objects and things created with him as the theme. Sports stores plan their marketing strategy based on who the current favorite sportsman or woman is. If Vanessa Williams is the current rage and has won her latest tournament, the range of women's wear would be styled keeping her in mind or would have her picture on them.

Wall art and sports go hand in hand and some of the posters available have a quote in them with a picture of a player on the top. These help in putting in ideas in the person's mind to think and become like the person in the picture. Or it could be that the wall art and sports related item would be of a famous stadium or trophy of a current sports event.