Baseball Memorabilia- Truly Priceless

by : Robert Riles

Like how Chopsticks is to China, Baseball is to any die hard sports fan and memorabilia baseball cards are what they cherish the most. Baseball is much more than a sport. It's almost a religion and Baseball memorabilia, Baseball cards, hats, jerseys, bats, baseballs and any other item that a player might have swiped his pen across, that might have been hit and dropped and stained and might smell of a million sweaty hands are bought and collected by Baseballs Fans and Fanatics alike, even when they are auctioned for prices high up in the thousands.

Baseball memorabilia is sometimes even bought with money begged, borrowed and dare I say, stolen. And if that's not enough memorabilia baseball cards are often stolen along with jewels and money from many houses. The burglars are not baseball fanatics; but its just that the resale cost of these this is sometimes more than that of jewellery .The rarity of many a baseball card increases its value. Life even got easier for sports channels, as prizes Baseball cards and Hats from games that no fan would have missed are given.

Otherwise private deals with owners of autographed property, Public Auctions and Online bidding are how these memorabilia are acquired by anyone. Some more memorabilia are Gloves, Mitts, Helmets, Posters, Signs, Plates, Pins, Buttons, Toys, Cheering Gear, Bobble heads, Figurines, Tapes of Vintage games, sports patches, magazine covers, matchbooks, Shoes etc- you name it, it's collectible. And these remain more popular than Jerseys of these teams custom made with the buyer's name on it. But that's not the only kind of memorabilia, a specific game where the team, which the fans rooted for won, clothes they were wearing that day, the ticket to that game, the Packet of peanuts they ate will all be treasured as more personal memorabilia.

Memorabilia from the early 1950's till the yesterday's game are available, any little thing you are looking for can be found if you know where to look and if you are prepared for the amount its going to cost you. Players themselves do not benefit in anyway from this memorabilia. It is to do with the team and sponsoring company making extra money. Most fan clubs of players or teams will have some memorabilia amongst members or will have common ownership of certain things.

In fact an average Baseball fan tends to leave his baseball cards to a son or daughter in his will. It's amazing how a little piece of paper or a worn out bat can mean so much to someone. Memorabilia baseball cards give the players an eternity, they never die. Memorabilia baseball cards availability may be in question but its authenticity and the love for the sport and the way the fans want to remember every game and every player is truly something. And this is probably the best way to give the teams, All of them, and the players and substitutes, and the coaches they're due respect and place in history.