Players On A Baseball Team

by : Jim Brown

The MLB roster has forty active members. When spring training is completed, only 25 players will remain on the active roster. Minor league affiliates tend to reassign the remaining 15 players.

When the month of September rolls around, the active roster will consist of forty players. This is where the players have the chance to play at a major league level. The term of "having a cup of coffee", comes when a player shows up in September and plays one or two game and never shows back up. If you recall Moonlight Graham did just that. He is known for the Field of Dreams. In the New York Giants game , he appeared in that game and ended up with no at bats.


Before each game the manager gives the umpire a line up with the names of the players that will fill every position. This includes the batting order of the players also.

Nine players are on the line up.



Four Infielders - This consists of a (first , second , third baseman and shortstop)

Three Outfielders - this consists of (left, right, and center fielders)

The pitcher don't bat in the American League , so this gives a tenth player. He is known as the designated hitter.

The remainder varies by team. This consists of four starting pitchers;, relief pitchers consists of five to seven; backup catchers can range between one and two; back up infielders consists of two; and two back up outfielders is needed . This completes the twenty five players.


If for any reason a placer has to be replaced in the field or hitting order , this ends the game for them. They can't return and play in this game. A pinch hitter is brought in just to bat for another player in this situation. Utility infielders are players whose job is to substitute. Then you have utility outfielders that substitute. Relief pitchers are pitchers that come into the game after the starting pitcher. The closer is also a relief pitcher but only comes into the game during the ninth inning. Closing down the opposing team is his job.


If a player on the twenty five roster becomes injured and permanently placed on the disabled list , that player can't return to help his team for a period of fifteen days. This allows time for healing. The more seriously injured is placed on a sixty day disabled list.

When a team don't want to lose a good player for fifteen days they allow this player to be put on a day to day list. If the injury seems to take longer to heal then the start day will be retroactive.

Rule Five Draft

If a player is on the 40 roster and has at least three years of service as of November 20th he can be drafted by other teams . This is for a fee of $50,000. This prevents stockpiling of prospects by teams. Under Draft five the player must make an appearance on the twenty five player roster for the next playing season. If that player can remain on the twenty five roster he can be drafted back by his original team for a fee of $25,000.

Baseball players make plenty of money , but they also pay out great amounts.