Kansas Walleye Fishing - Where to Fish Walleye in Kansas

by : Daniel Eggertsen

When you think about Kansas, many anglers forget about Kansas walleye fishing. Well you should find out more information before you write Kansas off the list of places to fish. The walleye population in Kansas has grown over the years and is attracting anglers from all over.

Since walleyes love the deeper lakes that have sandy bottoms and rock formations, many of the Kansas areas lakes and rivers are a feeding ground for walleye. They like the colder water temperatures, but have adapted to Kansas water temperatures, which are warmer is seems. The walleye tend to head for the streams connected to the lakes for spawning during the spring.

In Kansas, the anglers are using grubs, plastic worms, spinner bait, spoons, crank bait as well as live bait. During the spring months, anglers are using plastic worms, small crank baits and smaller jigs to catch the walleye that are in shallow waters as well as moderately deep waters. The prime areas are areas that are protected such as underwater timber and gravel ledges. During the summer months, Kansas anglers are fishing the shallows in the morning hours moving into deep waters as the sun comes up. Unbelievably they are using lures that resemble the crawfish to hook the walleyes.

During the fall months, they are fishing Kansas Rivers and lakes with spoons, crank baits and jigs. The winter months, the anglers use plastic worms, spoons and jigs. Clinton Lake is a popular lake for walleye fishing. Fly-fishing is the popular way to hook the walleye, but do not be surprised if you catch a catfish as well. Another hotspot in Kansas is Cedar Bluff. They are catching walleye that are as large as twenty-two inches and weighting in at six pounds. The Cedar Bluff Reservoir is located in Trego County.

Some anglers say the Page Cove is a good area to fish for walleye. The water is about thirty feet deep and it does have some underwater structures that the walleye find appealing. They stay that around the middle of May is a good time to catch a walleye with a jig and minnow or by trolling with Shad Raps. You might even find that you will have the area to yourself, since the falls months find anglers in the woods for other sport hunting. When fishing at Cedar Bluff, you should use a depth finder. The local anglers recommend this.

Another hotspot in Kansas is Cheney Lake. You will find over two miles of dam area to fish for walleye. Everyone knows that the walleye like to spawn by dams, therefore, in the spring during spawning, Cheney Lake is a great place to hook the nice pump walleye. There is a limit of two walleye a day and they have to twenty-one inches or longer to keep, but they are finding them in the lake. During the summer months, trolling the lake works the best with white, gray and silver colored lures. If you work the dam to your best ability, you are going to find some nice sized walleyes.