Baseball Products- Training

by : Lanny Hintz

New Baseball training products are ready for sale for the 2007 year. Some of the big hitters are the hitting machines. Hurricane Baseball Hitting Machine made with adjustable ball speeds easily adjustable for multiple skill levels. You do not have to adjust the machine to accommodate left handed or right handed batters. This machine offers a challenging workout without picking up balls. Inexpensively priced at under $200.00 this machine is perfect for team practices.

Big name companies like Franklin have added innovative design to many of its baseball helmet products including such features as one size fits all sizing, embroidered chin straps, and, stylish two tone finishes in a varies o two toned color schemes. And let's not forget the little guys. Tee ball teams will enjoy the comfort and ponytail channel offered by Franklins Tee Ball helmets. The ever popular confidence boosters of the baseball glove line for 2007 season include performance enhancing grip features. Tighter fit through the back of the hand and front palm areas, accomplished through sewing techniques and a variety of cut patterns. You are sure to get the perfect bat grip with this contour fit system.

Other baseball training aids for this year are some old favorites with a new flair. The advanced pitcher training gears include new designs for the 2007 year. Light weight and portable, the Traveler is an upgraded version of the SoloHitter made for hitting practice. This is a favorite of schools, camps, and home users. Boasting a steel frame for durability it can withstand all weather conditions for year round outside use. Beginners enjoy new models of the Personal Pitcher featuring 4 adjustable speeds and utilize the wiffle ball so that the hitter can concentrate on the "keeping your eye on the ball" theory. It is battery operated, and is speed adjustable by moving the location of the machine to increase or decrease reaction time. Practicality makes this product a must to own, and the very affordable price makes it even more attractive.

For all ages, learning to have your hips leading the ball, timing of the ball in the hitting zone, and correct stance can be a series of repetitive and mundane movements. Confidence building with new players and allowing them to have the opportunity to get his/her swing in anywhere is the idea behind the hitting tee with automatic ball return. Not having to hit into nets all of the focus is on obtaining that perfect swing.

So as you prepare for the 2007 baseball season, take a look at some of the great new products available from some of the big name companies, the new training gear, and get good!