Creating a Baseball Fantasy League

by : Jay Moncliff

The last decade has seen many changes, one of them being theamazing involvement of individuals in baseball fantasy leaguesas well as other fantasy sports. There are no specific rules forbaseball fantasy involvement; however an unspoken rule for youto be successful at baseball fantasy games is for you to have areal appreciation and interest in real baseball. These simplesteps will help you start a baseball fantasy league that youwill really enjoy playing with the whole season.

Baseball Fantasy Step #1 Calling all Teams The first baseballfantasy step to creating a league is getting your teamstogether. This basically means you need to get 8-12 friendstogether to create teams. Remember, if you have less than 8teams or more than 12 your season will not be as enjoyable. Thesuggested 8-12 baseball fantasy teams mean you will be able tohave a competitive season.

Baseball Fantasy Step #2 Elections Every baseball fantasy leagueneeds a commissioner, or someone who is in charge. This personwill be responsible for compiling each team's statistics on aweekly basis and distributing them to all of the players. Besure you elect a commissioner who is responsible and takes theposition seriously.

Baseball Fantasy Step #3 One League or Two This can be a toughdecision, but it must be made. This is the decision of whetheror not to use only one league or both the American and NationalLeagues.

Baseball Fantasy Step #4 The Draft Acquiring players can be donein many different ways, and the best way for your baseballfantasy league to do this is what works best for all teams.Sometimes a draft works, other times an auction, decide whatworks best and then stick with it.

Baseball Fantasy Step #5 Rules Each league has rules so far asstatistics and how points are accumulated. Whatever rules applyto your league make sure all teams are aware and follow therules.

Baseball Fantasy Step #6 Have Fun Remember to have fun and enjoyyour baseball fantasy league. This has been going on for yearsand millions of Americans really enjoy this activity. Some playfor money, some play for trophies, and others simply play towin. Whatever you choose to play for, make sure all teams are infavor.