Its a Mindset

by : Matt Kuhlmann

It's a mindset

How many times have you heard the saying ' This sport is 95% mental'? It seems to be a factor that is very commonly spoken about and yet, how much time is actually devoted to training for the mental aspect.

My name is Matt Kuhlmann and I am a pro mindset trainer and Hypnotist. I understand the importance of mental toughness, its what I teach.

Developing Mental Toughness
Here I will give an insight into how Developing Mental Toughness is extremely crucial and why Mental Training, and Hypnosis can be used to take you to the next level as a fighter with awesome effectiveness.

Imagine being able to raise your metabolic and recovery rates naturally, increase testosterone and growth hormone levels naturally, and focus your ability to stick to the game plan. Hypnosis can be used to encourage you to stick to a challenging diet and to feel an uncontrollable urge to train harder than ever before. How much of an advantage would this give you?
The possibilities are endless and are only limited by our imagination.

You see, to understand how this is possible we need to look into the mind and how it works. The mind is responsible for everything you do, your body responds to commands from your mind much like a robot does to the programmer.

The conscious mind is in control of the functions we are aware of and think about. The unconscious mind controls our involuntary actions like breathing, the heartbeat and the chemicals produced by the body.

Through Hypnosis direct instructions and suggestions are given and installed in the mind. This gives us the ability to instruct the unconscious mind to produce higher levels of testosterone, increase our metabolic and recovery rate and any other function desired.

Developing Mental Toughness
I read an article about a year ago by Dan Severn, he talked about being hit so hard in a fight he was knocked clean out. The next thing he remembered was being pulled off from the guy as he had won. He said instinct must have taken over at that point and he must have been on autopilot, taking his opponent down and brutally grounding and pounding him for the win. He had no recollection of doing it. This is the perfect example of the power of the unconscious mind. He had trained to such a standard for so long he was at the point where his unconscious mind took over. He wasn't even consciously aware of it.

You hear it a lot post fight, ' I don't really know what happened, it just happened so fast', and they can't explain how they won or what they did, they're confused because they can't remember. It's because they are so in the zone it does 'just happen'. In the heat of the moment instinct takes over.

Look at the greatest fighters in history, do they look like they are constantly thinking or does it seem to just flow naturally. Instinctively.

The great thing is that we can train our minds to do the same. To be 110% in the zone knowing we will do what is necessary, without hesitation.
What I ask coaches is, what do you wish you could whisper in his ear that he must do in this fight. What is the game plan he needs to stick to? I then install it in the mind at an unconscious level so it happens instinctively.

In reality Hypnosis is getting a person to a point where they are in a deep enough state of trance, so their mind will accept the suggestions given and act upon them. Stage shows do a real disservice to the profession as they create false beliefs. When you are Hypnotised you will hear everything and be in TOTAL control of what is happening. In fact, being Hypnotised is displaying the ultimate control over yourself. The stronger you are mentally and the more you like to be in control the more effective it will be for you.

How many times have you heard a fighter say that their training was disrupted, or that they just lost focus in the fight, or that they just didn't stick to the coach's game plan. This seems to be a big problem for Matt Hughes' team on the current Ultimate Fighter series, fighters not sticking to the plan. I realise how hard it must be to stick to a plan in the cage. This can be helped with proper mental training and the use of Hypnosis in the build up to a fight.

If you are truly serious about being the best fighter you can be then this is an area that you cannot afford to over look. If 95% of this sport is mental then what percentage of your training is focused on your mindset.