What Type Of Tackle Is The Best To Use For Catching Crappie?

by : Daniel Eggertsen

Confused about crappie fishing tackle? You are not the only one. This is one of the most common questions and concerns from anyone setting out on their first or their 200th crappie fishing expedition. The good news, though, is that you do not have to over think it. Crappie are easy to please.

One of the best things, when it comes to fishing tackle for catching Crappie, is the fact that most anything can be used as crappie fishing tackle. From your oldest cane pole to the highest tech rod and reel, crappie fishing tackle runs the gamut. The main thing you will need to consider when you are choosing Crappie fishing tackle is the water in which you will be fishing, and how deep you will want to fish to find the crappie and get them to biting.

Use combination spin cast rods and reels or ultra light spinners if you will be fishing in areas where there is little cover or if the fish are holding in deep water. Using line as big as ten pound test to as light as four pound test usually works well in these conditions when fishing for Crappie. With this type combo, you will be able to cast more accurately to put your hook where you want it to be and will allow your hook to get down to where the fish actually are holding.

If you are fishing in shallow water where catching your hook on thick debris is an issue, you might want to consider fishing with a pole, so you can get into the dense brush, foliage, and other obstacles with fewer snags.

Using a simple cane pole, on the other hand, is certainly the least expensive and the most tried and true method for Crappie fishing, and the most picturesque crappie fishing pole. One drawback to fishing with a cane pole is the fact that they are more difficult to transport. Most of the newer poles are lightweight and telescopic, so they are easier to pack up and take with you, even in a compact car.

When you are choosing a tackle box for crappie fishing, you will probably choose based on a few simple criteria. One big consideration will be budget. Most people buy what they can afford, and if cost is an issue, you might choose based on a variety of things, but some would certainly be size, budget, and the type of crappie fishing tackle you want to use.

If you fish primarily for Crappie, and have either budgetary considerations or have size considerations, you might choose a smaller tackle box.