A Love Affair With Hot Chicks, Fast Cars, and Insane Crashes

by : Mark English

Motorsport Mad has it all figured out. People love to watch fast cars from the very first automobile to the muscle cars of the 70's to modern screamers and sports cars. People also like to drive fast cars and enjoy making them go faster than other fast cars. Ever since it was discovered that if you put an engine and a wheel together you would go faster, the human race has fallen in love.

It didn't take long to figure out that there was nothing on the face of the planet that is hotter than a beautiful, scantily clad woman sitting next to raw horsepower on wheels. It doesn't matter how many wheels it has or how big it is, if you can feel the power and watch it fly, you're hooked. The hot babe makes your imagination go into overtime.

Whether it has two, four, six, eight, ten or eighteen wheels people have always found a way to make it faster and give it more power. After all, that's what it's about, isn't it? You take a little Honda and you bore it out and drop the head, put in a performance cam and a smooth clutch, a couple bottles of NOS and listen to it scream. Or you bulk up a '67 GTO, ream out the engine, throw in some heavy pistons, with a high flow four-barrel carburetor and a scoop on the hood. You feel the thunder of an oncoming stampede as the horses gather up under you. You step on the gas and the car starts to buckle.

You are off the starting line in full control of a roaring, thundering onslaught of every possible emotion from joy to hatred--sometimes all at the same time. You're gone, a quarter mile in ten seconds flat with the power to run. Maybe you're into serious horsepower? Do you prefer the rumble of two straight 8 diesels with 18 precision honed gears, dual chrome stacks, six 30" wheels and a large chrome grill going nose to nose?

Welcome home! Motorsport Mad is a video sharing site for people who love to see what a car can do. They have almost two dozen main categories, with videos taken by the average Joe and professionals that happened to be at the right place at the right time to catch some of the most awesome footage that you have ever seen. They have everything from hot girls on the racetrack, to insane crashes, to Formula 1 racing, to the BIG trucks.

Take advantage of the shots taken by others and contribute some of your own. If you are into video sharing and the hottest shots of the best vehicular action around the globe, then this is the place for you. So go check out Motorsport Mad, with a sack of popcorn, a Coke and a couple of hours to enjoy entertainment at its best.
You get to experience the love affair with power from a unique perspective--you are the viewer, but it's so close that you feel like you can feel the thunder of the engines and smell the perfume of the hot babes who decorate the videos as only they can.