B M X Cycling Competition

by : Jim Brown

Some BMX cycling competitors begin their training during their childhood without even realizing it. They started participating in this competitive cycling sport by creating ramps in the backyard and performing daring leaps while on a bike that took them high in the air. When friends joined in, the successful completion of each leap became increasingly important and BMX cycling competitions were underway without the parents ever knowing that they were participating in them.

BMX cycling competitions are now part of the competitive sports recognized by the Olympic games committees and will make its debut in the 2008 Olympic Games that will be held in Beijing, China. A cyclist will have to ride many miles around a 350-meter track to earn the right to attend the Olympics in China, but every single mile will be worthwhile because it is not everyday that someone gets the opportunity to become an Olympic champion by simple riding a bicycle.

A BMX racing cyclist will endure many competitions to qualify for the U.S. Olympic team and could very well compete amongst friends that they grew up with. When cycling enthusiasts are competing for the Gold, the bonds of friendship will have to wait until after each competition because while they are on the race track, these cyclists will have only one thing on their minds, and that is being the first in each heat.

It takes a lot of skill and daring to compete in BMX cycling events. A bicyclist will have to compete in numerous races against 8 other cyclists and place high in each heat that they are in. The pressure that a BMX cyclist will be subjected to on any given day can be intimidating and overwhelming and some cyclist will find out very quickly that they are not cut out for this very aggressive form of racing.

One any given race day, a BMX cyclist will first be tasked with grueling qualifying rounds that seem to be endless at times. The BMX racer will have to compete in the qualifying rounds to prove that they have the right abilities and the correct equipment. Most BMX cyclist will have to endure inspections before they are allowed out on a racecourse. All of these tasks are met with renewed energy and a commitment to winning. A BMX cyclist knows they are on the right path to the Gold in Beijing, when they hear that they have successfully completed the quarterfinals.

The competition is keen as competitors reach the semi-finals because the number of competitors in each BMX bicycling race will be reduced from eight riders to four. Qualifying for the finals will be a grueling task of completing the required number of jumps and steering their cycles around banked corners, and any other rider or obstacle that might get in their path. There are BMX cycling competitions held throughout the world, and the races are offered to men and women in their own individual categories. It will be a tough ride to achieve Olympic greatness and BMX cyclist welcome the opportunity to finally participate.