Pyeong Chang a Strong Candidate for 2014 Winter Olympics

by : Jane Richy

The Olympics games which first were celebrated in Greece to commemorate the mythology God Zeus; have come in today's modern times one of the main sport and cultural events worldwide in which both; performers and audience are captivated by the magnificence and display of talent. T

The Winter Olympics' plans for 2014 are on its way and Pyeong Chang seem to be a great contender to sponsor such an important event.

Pyeongchang County or Pyeongchan - gun is located in the region of Taebaek Mountains in the province of Gangwon in South Korea and it is the third biggest county, is home for several Buddhist temples. It counts with an altitude of 700 meters above the sea level and some areas reach 1,000 meters high; it is located 180 kilometers East of Seoul the capital of the country.

In order to be able to host the event PyeonChang created in March 21st 2005 an Olympic Winter Games Committee (POBICO) with some its headquarters in Bongui-dong, Chuncheon-si, Gangwon-do, Korea, and an office in Seoul.

The sports will be divided in four different areas, PyeongChang will held Alpine - Slalom Giant Slalom - Ski Jump, Cross Country, Biathlon, Luge - Bobsleigh - Skeleton; in Bokwang will be held Freestyle and Snowboard; Downhill and Super G in Jungbong and in Gangneung: Speed Skating, Figure Skating, Short Track, Curling, Ice Hockey in both categories for males and females.

The POBICO Committee has planned everything in the case the city is chosen as to assure optimal conditions for the event, they provide ideal altitude and weather conditions with natural settings and annual snowfall; all venues are thirty minutes away from PyeonhChang and they are working on expressways, national and regional road upgrade, Yangyang International Airport upgrade and construction of Wonju-Gangneung railway.

Regarding Medical and Health services there have 1,400 clinics and 10,000 medical staff in "standby" which is divided in Medical care system: medical committee and medical teams on duty, Olympic medical team: two polyclinics in the Olympic Village and four general hospitals as the Olympic Clinics.

They will prepare cultural events including the Olympic torch spread running around the globe and across the Korean Peninsula; cultural events to promote global peace and harmony with demonstrations of the East and West traditions; art festival with concerts, exhibitions, Snow Festival and more; promotion of the winter sports and friendship among all the participants from all over the world.

To guarantee security they have a committee with secure plans, security task-force for national delegations and VIP characters, they also have a special system to prevent terrorism and international crimes. They even have a "Green Plan" based on environmental friendly construction technology and program... they have definitely thought about everything, if they have the chance to be hosts there is no doubt these will be memorable Olympics.