Cricket Score: Thats What Everyone Wants to Know

by : Ella Wilson

Whether the team's score is 21/5 or 200/1, for a cricket fan, it is very important to know about the cricket score. Cricket is not a game which is popular all over the world, but in countries where the game is followed, the fan following is amazing and one needs to see this to believe it. Cricket score is something that every cricket fan makes an attempt to know whenever a match is being played in any part of the world. With the T20 version of the game becoming very popular these days, you can find that a huge number of people are finding out means to know about the latest Cricket Scoreto know out how their team is doing. The recent T20 World Cup, which was held in South Africa, was one event that was keenly followed by cricket fans all over the world. Today, everyone is looking for instant gratification and in cricket - T20 is providing them with this.

Now, if you are a fan of T20, you need to keep your eyes glued to the cricket score card simply because you may miss out on knowing about and catching up with the most important twists and turns of the match. In T20, the match is played just for duration of twenty overs a side, which makes it just 40 overs for the whole match. Now since this game is played at a very fast pace, in every ball there is the anticipation that something may happen. So in such a situation, if fan misses out on looking at the cricket score for even just a few moments, they can miss out on the most important ball or the most important shot of the match. A constant eye on the cricket score is the only way through which you can know about the status of a T20 match.

Now we all know that whenever something new emerges in any field, there are lots of people who oppose this and there are also lots of people who are in favor of this. T20 is no exception to this and you will find several cricket fans vehemently arguing that this form of game will kill real cricket i.e. test cricket. Well, they may argue all they want, but whenever a game is being played, even if it is a T20 cricket, involving their favorite team, you will find them steal a surreptitious glance towards the cricket score to keep a track of how they are doing in the match.

Cricket score is something which you can never separate from a serious cricket fan. Even if they have seen a match live on their television, they will at some point or the other want to see the cricket score through the detailed score card to know the details of whatever has transpired between their team and the opposition team on the field. So if you know someone who is a cricket freak, you will have to bear with the fact that they will find out any means to see the cricket score of match that has been played somewhere.