Your Boxing Questions Answered


Boxing is a sport that some argue vehemently over. It may be considered a violent outlet of aggression that is rigged and the winner is known before the bout begins.

But for other individuals, it is a sport that involves true skills and a testament to the fighting spirit of the human soul. Humanity has been fighting since our first steps began on the evolutionary ladder and will likely to continue.

The sport has fully integrated itself into the world of sports and even has its own celebrities that titillate our urge to gossip and watch their lives like a hawk.

Hopefully the information in this article will address some of the basics of this great sport and will help you make up your mind about the sport.

When did boxing begin?

Boxing dates back to the Ancient Greeks but was initially called Pugilism. There were many forms of the fighting style, some of which were deadly and many of which has made its way into Greek literature. It was the Greeks that first introduced the sport into the Olympic Games but later also removed them.

Other cultures, such as the Chinese and the Europeans, took up the sport as a way to entertain the masses. It has also been used in pubs and bars throughout the world as a means to settle disagreements though that type of bare-knuckle fighting is more akin to street fighting than it is to the sport of boxing.

In 1908 amateur and collegiate boxing was once gain admitted entry as an official event in the Olympic Games.

What are the rules in boxing?

The rules of this sport can be pretty complex and differ according to which organization the boxer is a member of. Some of the standard rules are no hitting below the belt, no biting, no kicking and not using gloves that contain metal or weight.

How long does a boxing round go?

A typical round lasts for three minutes at the professional level. Amateurs fight in two minute rounds.

Can anyone learn how to box?

Anyone can learn to box provided they have some mobility. Boxing is a very rigorous sport and there is a lot of stress put onto the joints and bones in the arms and legs. Many people have turned to this sport as a way to exercise since it works all parts of the body.

Before beginning boxing it is important to consult your physician to make sure there is nothing that would hinder your decision to learn how to box. The next step is finding a good gym or trainer and beginning your program.

Is boxing considered self-defense?

Yes, in some ways it could be considered self-defense but would not be advisable since it is a hand-to-hand combat that is of no use to someone who is armed.

It has been used many times in school yard brawls and bar fights but would not typically be used as a primary self-defense.

What are the dangers of boxing?

Boxing can result in brain damage and fatalities. It is common for life-long fighters to develop brain damage after a long period of competing.

Why? Because you are taking repeated hits to the face and even with gloves, the impact is severe. There is also damage taken to the stomach and the ribs as well.