Breaking Better In Pool

by : Gerald Njuguna

When a break is executed well on the pool table, it gives the player a better advantage over the other player. Also, when one is consistent in breaking well on the pool table, it results with the cue ball having a better striking position with the other balls. With this, the player gets a better choice of sending the other balls in the pockets with the next shot that he executes.

There are various ways which one can break in a billiard game. One needs to have good physics when striking the ball. Its believed that different pool tables might determine which break will turn out to be the best. Power and Speed are considered to be essential but don't forget that control is needed to handle the power that you put behind that shot.

With much practice, a player will be able to determine how to best make the shots. There are other tricks that one can use to improve their break on the billiard table and ultimately improve their overall game.

Power Break

Power is considered to be crucial and important just as having full contact with the first ball. Most pros in the billiard profession agree that a good break moves at about twenty miles per hour. If you can break faster than 20 mph then the better. In the billiard game the fastest break is considered to be at thirty miles per hour. Your break should be powerful enough but without losing control.

Tips on Achieving a Power Break

Their are various methods you can use to execute a power break. The important thing to note here is that you want a proper transfer of your body weight to help your shoulders and arm strength in wielding the break.

One good technique you can apply is by rocking your body back and forth which assists in transferring the weight from your front leg to the back leg. You might notice players lifting their front legs before they strike. This helps them to transfer their weight to their back leg and then stomp that front leg down on contact to do the reverse.

Breaking better on the 8/9 ball game

One technique you can use on the 8 ball game is to shoot the cue ball between the first ball and the thrid ball at a slight angle almost parallel to the triangle's adjacent side. This is executed from a distance far enough to give the pool player enough space to transfer most power.

On the diamond 9 ball rack, its common to hit the head 1 ball parallel to one of its adjacent side. As you practice more and more on your break, you will discover which stance and power suits you best in as yo play to drop in the wing ball.

The Break Cue

Some billiard players cannot play without the break cue. As you use the break cue, the tip of the cue will get altered and deformed and with time you will need to to replace the tip because it will affect your game. The weight of the cue also matters a lot.

Most professional players usually go for lighter break cues. This is because when the cue is lighter, its much easier for the billiard player to wield it with more power and speed.