Electric Rc Cars

by : Shareen Aguilar

Initially, for beginners, there are two types of RC cars or models to choose from. Mainly, the engine has two classifications and it's the electric versus nitro powered cars. The difference between the two is evident in the performance of the cars, but; the benefit depends on the preference of the person owning it. There can be certain advantages to a person if he opt for the nitro powered ones but there can also be obvious benefits to the other person who chose the electric powered models. Either way, if you're confused about the advantages and disadvantages of the two; be sure you have thought about what you really want to get before settling for a choice.

What about electric RC cars? Generally, cars running electrically are great for people who have just started RC cars as a hobby. In terms of location where to use electrical RC cars, there is a great advantage because it's not as noisy as the ones running on nitro. Speed is generally fast as well though not as fast as the nitro RC cars.

In terms of power, electric RC cars require batteries. It's best to use rechargeable ones and make sure you have a spare. Running time lasts for about 10 minutes; while the other battery is being used on the car, you can charge the spare one since charging time takes about 20-30 minutes. The rechargeable batteries can be charged from a 12-volt car battery or directly from the wall socket.

Another reason why electric cars are easy to handle especially for the beginners is that the maintenance of the car is easier compared on nitro cars. With electric RC cars, you only need to make sure you have a good set of quality rechargeable batteries and battery charger. Although initially, buying these requirements is going to cost you much or almost the same as the cost of a nitro car, you'll be able to save in the long run as long as you take care of the batteries and charger. Cleaning is also a breeze with these models so it's even less the hassle but still maintains great power at the same time.