How Basketball Is Played And The Rules You Must Follow

by : Gregg Hall

There were many sports made but only one was made by DR. James Naismith a Canadian physical instructor. The game was made and started playing back in the day. Soon it would become a game that would be played all over the world and would be a sport that someday people would be getting paid to play that is how popular it would come to be.

The team with the ball has to try and score on the other team by getting the ball in the opponent's hoop. Once your team has scored the ball is then given to the other team to give them a try to get a hoop. If they do not make a hoop then the other team can try and get the rebound of the missed shot and then can either run down court for a lay up or take a shot for more points. The point of the game is you would have nine players on each team. Only a few of those would play on the court at a time but basketball would soon become a popular sport.

In the 1950s the ball was changed from a soccer ball to a bright orange so the announcers could see the ball to talk on the radio and so the people in the stands could see the ball as well and know what was going on. If you had that same soccer ball today and you went to a NBA game you wouldn't know where the ball was because they are so small and hard to see as it is.

There are I think three different versions of basketball if I am not wrong there may be four. There is the NBA which the goal I think for the three points is either 28 feet away or 30 feet. Where as for college it is 22 feet away from the goal for a three pointer and the goal is shorter I believe then you have the WNBA. Which I know nothing about but I know for a fact that there courts are smaller and there goals are shorter as well. Even though the girls are girls they still have smaller courts and shorter goals even when you have a 6'8" black girl that will goal tend anything you shoot.

There are breaks in between each quarter but they are mostly unused just because sometimes they need to get the games speeding up. There is a halftime after the first two quarters. That is when they will switch goals and each team will be guarding the goals that they were trying to score on.

Basketball is not only a fun sport but it is also a sport that will help keep you in great shape so get out there and start playing some roundball.