Better Basketball Dunking

by : Trajko Dangov

To get better at dunking you need dunk like a maniac. Ask Michael Jordan and he'll tell you he never actually worked on any program he just went out there and he was dunking like hell. And that's what you should do. But hey.. I'm not going to leave you without some sweet little tips:) Okay? Here we go.

Here are several tips to improve your dunking ability:

"Pull" 2-3 inches with this one..

1.) If you are determined to dunk with authority everytime you are dunking a basketball, and you lower your buttocks little more than usual you can pull off maybe 2-3 inches from you vertical. It's true.

I'll say that again. Having faith that you will jump so high that eventually your eyes will see the rim right in front of you, and you will lower you legs more than you normally do (in other words - as if you are seemingly going to crouch), can easily add 2-3 more inches to your vertical leap. Try it!

Better palming..

2.) Are you having a hard time palming the basketball? Try licking your fingertips for better palming. It always helps. You'll learn/train to palm the ball even better the more dunks you do, of course, but this little trick can help you a great deal.

Learn 360s the easy way.

3.) I learned to spin the hard way because I didn't know where the head should be turned. Well, here's a principle. The head follows the body. It's a pretty basic concept but a lot of players tend to forget. When I was learning to do 360 spin, my head was the last thing to look at the rim. And boy, was I ever wrong.

The head should be the first thing to look at the rim. Here's how you do that.

So as you start spinning, concentrate on the head. Before you can position your limbs towards the rim your head should have already seen the rim. In other words, try to turn your head towards the rim as quickly as you can. Okay, I emphasized that enough:) After several successful dunks I didn't have to think about the head at all.

Also remember to "land" with both feet at the same time after you dunk the ball (after doing a 360 or 180 spin). If you land with one foot there is much greater chance you'll lose balance and fall on the ground.