Vertical Jump Power Exercises

by : Karin Manning

Advanced vertical jump training exercises are a faster method for athletes to increase and improve their vertical jump. This article will discuss some advanced training exercises that give faster results.

If you have been doing jump exercises for a period of time then you will already be aware of the importance of doing these exercises correctly. Additionally, doing the same old workouts time and time again can result to boredom and a loss of motivation and an actual decrease in your vertical.

That's why it's important to spice up your exercises whenever you get the chance. In this article I'm going to share with you two powerful jump exercises that will add extra intensity to your workouts.

The Medicine Ball
Using a medicine ball is a great way to add intensity to your vertical jump exercises. Being unable to swing your arms and having the extra weight of a medicine ball will make your exercises all the more harder to perform. An easy way to increase the intensity of your exercise is by increasing your weight. You can do this with a medicine ball, ankle weights or a weight plate. Of course, the medicine ball means you can't rely on your arms to help you. Ankle weights and a weight plate won't give you this kind of restriction.

Elastic Resistance Bands
Elastic resistance bands are another great way of adding intensity to your vertical jump workouts. They are readily available from most sports stores. When you place elastic resistance bands around the back of your neck down to your feet you will actually be able to perform any jump movement smoothly and fluently.

It's important to alleviate boredom whenever you do your jump exercise workout.

If you are serious about increasing your leap you need to find the right program that will meet your needs.

The best program for you will be able to be customized to your own individual and athletic needs and circumstances. Programs customize their workouts differently. One may concentrate on an individual's weaknesses, while another program will customize its program through performing repetitious exercise.

The best program will be able to customize your workout precisely according to your needs and not someone else's. It will also be able to individually take into account your weight, your height, your health, your fitness level and ultimately, your jump goal.

It will also offer multiple different training levels. The best program will increase your jump strength through both weight training and plyometrics.

I've briefly discussed what the best program should contain. Let me know touch on what it should never contain:
1. Outdated information from someone who has no experience in the industry
2. The same exercises that you used when you were 10 (years out of date)
3. Exhaustive sets and reps of the same vertical jump exercises over and over again.
4. Overtraining. Do not do a vertical jump workout every day.
5. Squat overtraining.