Learning Basketball Passing Skills

by : Gregg Hall

Playing and winning a good game of basketball are two different things. You need to have a good team and team players to win the game. You need to be able to pass good and get to the hoop without any problems. This is why you need to work on passing skills so when you are down around the hoop you can pass effectively and get a shot in.

Your team needs to be able to pass the ball and shoot the ball and score. Without a good team you will never get anywhere, you need to be able to be a team and work like a team or you are not going to have a good game when you play. You are not a one man team and you cannot win the game with one person or it wouldn't be called basketball it would be called Uno ball. So when you are playing a game remember that you have team mates and they will expect you to pass the ball when you are in a pickle and can't make the shot, they will not expect you to be a ball hog and go for the shot anyways.

Your passing game needs to be up to par or when you pass the other team will steal the ball and run down the court and score all over you. That is why it is important to have team practices and to have passing drills. You pass fast and hard so it makes it hard for the opposing team to make a steal and score on you. So when you are passing remember to pass it hard and in the right direction.

You will just need to have a team that has good passing skills and knows when to pass the ball and not hold onto it. A ball hog can ruin the score and ruin the team as well. Someone that thinks that they don't need a team doesn't deserve to be on a team so therefore will get kicked off the team. You knowing who you team mates are and who aren't will win the game. You passing to the wrong person will cost you the game. That person will be the ball hog and they will miss every shot because they think they are all good and nobody can stop them. So when you are making a team or playing a game of basketball just remember to pass the ball and not hold onto it when you are in trouble.

You will also know how to throw the ball in case it is seconds away from the buzzer ringing and you have a receiver down court and you need to hit him with a football pass to win the game. That is why you need to know how to throw the ball good and right. You will want to hit him in the chest so he can go up and lay the ball up for the winning points.