Enjoy Championship Basketball With Boston Celtics Tickets

by : Al Terry

Boston Celtics tickets are tickets to see real championship basketball. If the NBA was royalty, then the Celtics would be the undisputed king. They have established a firm tradition of playing basketball from the winning side and bringing forth some truly legendary players.

The Celtics are based in Boston, Massachusetts and play their home games at TD Banknorth Garden. The team plays in the National Basketball Association in the Atlantic Division and the Eastern Conference. The team has 16 championships to its name, the most of any NBA franchise. They also have 25 division titles and 19 conference wins to their name.

A Big Start

The Celtics were born in 1946 and struggled a lot, trying to find a foothold in the newly formed NBA. It wasn't until Red Auerbach entered the picture that the team's fortunes turned around. The team acquired some really strong players and began to play some devastatingly strong basketball. Boston Celtics tickets became a hot commodity but the team never seemed to be able to make to the big wins.

It wasn't until 1957 that the Celtics embarked on a smoldering warpath of success that consisted of almost consecutive championship, conference and division wins until the 1970s. High sales in Boston Celtics tickets reflected the high rolling success of the team at that time. By the seventies however, the teams' fortunes dipped and the Celtics began to concentrate on rebuilding their team.

Bird And Beyond

While the team did well in the middle of the seventies, it was nothing compared to the smoking sensation the Celtics had been a few years before. Boston Celtics tickets were still going strong but fans longed to see some of that magic from the past. This magic would come in the form of Larry Bird, one of the most legendary players in the realm of basketball. Bird would help steer the Celtics to success numerous times but he wasn't alone. The team acquired a number of other talented players. In the wake of the 1985-1986 the Celtics who were considered the best in the NBA, picked up Len Bias who had tremendous potential. Unfortunately Bias took overdose of cocaine and died just two days after being drafted. Many fans believe that the Celtics never recovered from this as a string of unfortunate incidents began dogging the team after his death.

The Celtics were soon plagued with a spate of injuries and even Larry Bird was out of action. Despite a seeming stabilizing of the team's performance, the Celtics began to take a nose dive which was perpetuated with more tragedy and Bird's retirement. It wouldn't be until 2001 that the Celtics would show any sign of bouncing back into the game. They started with low expectations but managed to surprise the critics with their hard-hitting plays. Today, the Celtics have managed to reinstate themselves as one of the NBA's most elite teams and Boston Celtics tickets are a hot commodity once again.

The Celtics share some fierce rivalries with the Lakers, Pistons and the 76ers, the latter being the most volatile while the others have cooled off. Don't miss your chance to see some hot basketball action with Boston Celtics tickets- contact an authorized online ticket vendor to get your tickets now.