Awesome Basketball With Orlando Magic Tickets

by : Al Terry

Real basketball magic is in the air if you have your hands on some Orlando Magic tickets. The Magic have been casting spells on the basketball courts with their own set of superstars and great plays but, like any team, they have had their share of hardships as well. Through it all, they've been one of the hardest working teams in the NBA.

The Orlando Magic is based in Orlando, Florida and hosts their home games at the Amway Arena. They play as part of the National Basketball Association and are also under the Southeast Division and the Eastern Conference. Though they have yet to snag a championship win, they already have one conference win and two division titles to their name.

O For Orlando

During the eighties, the NBA went on an expansion spree, adding a number of new teams to the league. At the time, Miami and Florida were both competing for a franchise and the fray had gotten heated, as the cities began exchanging barbs and insults as negotiations went on. Finally, both teams were awarded a franchise, with the Magic being formed in 1989. The Magic had a fighting start and were a team that became known for putting in a lot of sweat and effort into their games. However, they just couldn't seem to find their rhythm, with 1992 being a particularly bad year for the Magic.

Things changed drastically for the team when Shaquille O'Neal joined the team in the NBA draft. Needless to say, a number of fans started picking up Orlando Magic tickets, just to see the Shaq in action. But the Magic hit another patch of extraordinary luck, when they were also able to draft Penny Hardaway and the Magic really started to shine. By the mid-nineties, the team was among the top teams in the NBA.

Sweat and Tears

The Magic was dealt a huge blow, when Shaq left the team as a free agent and joined the Lakers. There was a bit of a dip in the sales of Orlando Magic tickets but the team kept at it, working to perform just as well on the courts despite losing such a legendary player. A number of trades resulted in the team becoming populated with new faces and names, but the Magic was not deterred. They put their slogan 'Heart and Hustle' into gear and distinguished themselves as one of the hardest working teams in the NBA.

Loyal fans and basketball lovers, all line up for Orlando Magic tickets now, because they can be assured of a good game, no matter what. By the beginning of the new millennium, the Magic was posting winning seasons, but in the 2003-2004 off-seasons, the team was dismantled completely, partially due to the fact that a number of draft picks were causing problems. The move was a sound one and today, the Magic have a number of talented key players in their line up. Fans are assured that the team will be able to do some serious damage on the court soon. Don't miss the chance to be there and watch it all live- get to an authorized online ticket vendor and order your Orlando Magic tickets.