Noteworthy Basketball With New Jersey Nets Tickets

by : Al Terry

Any basketball enthusiast knows the value of New Jersey Nets tickets. The Nets have been around the basketball courts for a while- they have had a few name changes and league changes. Through it all, they've managed to play consistently and the new millennium in particular seems to have brought out the winning spirit in the Nets.

The New Jersey Nets are based in East Rutherford, New Jersey and they play their home games at the Continental Airlines Arena. The Nets are also part of the Atlantic Division and the Eastern Conference. The team has yet to snag a championship win in the NBA, but they have four division wins and two conference titles to their name.

Mets and Jets

The New Jersey Nets were formed in 1967 and had to go through a number of initial name changes, before they were named the Nets. The team was first called the New Jersey Americans, but that name was quickly changed a year later to the New York Nets. This happened, when the team was shifted to Long Island and the name was intended to rhyme with other big New York teams like the Mets and the Jets.

Until 1976, the Nets were part of the American Basketball Association and were a team that got off to a very rough start. While they started out well with their first season, they performed badly in New York, barely managing to draw a thousand spectators per game. It wouldn't be until 1973 that the team would start finding its pace and they were able to clinch 2 championship wins and 1 division title wins during that time.

The NBA and Hard Knocks

The Nets joined the NBA in 1976 and were immediately hit with a $4.8 million fine from the Knicks, who claimed the Mets were invading their territory. This fine came on the heels of the cool 3 million the Nets had to pay for joining the NBA in the first place. Financially and emotionally drained, the Nets rounded things off with the worst league record of that season. In 1977, the team was shifted to New Jersey again and renamed the New Jersey Nets.

Sales of New Jersey Nets tickets were slow in taking off and little wonder- the team itself seemed to be floundering, unable to find its footing. After being plagued with injuries for a good part of the eighties, the team should have picked up momentum in the nineties after picking up talented new players like Drazen Petrovic and Derrick Coleman. However, after losing Petrovic in a car accident, the Nets became plagued with an image problem- bad attitudes mainly stemming from Coleman and other players who seemed to epitomize the selfish athlete to a tee were pulling the team down badly. The Nets traded off their problem players and made a fresh start. The change was a positive one and New Jersey Nets tickets became a popular item. The Nets managed some very big wins into the new millennium on an almost consecutive basis. Now basketball lovers are lining up for New Jersey Nets tickets, so they can watch them make a championship win. You can be there to see it too- contact an authorized online ticket vendor and buy your New Jersey Nets tickets.