Learning the Game that Made the NBA Famous

by : Jim Brown

Any rookie fan is sure to have questions about the game of basketball. They want to learn all about the game that made the NBA famous. They see the NBA trademark on everything from tee-shirts to jerseys and hear about all of the fine basketball players that very vividly earn their salaries on the court each week. Seeing the game action firsthand, however, requires them to understand what is going on in front of them.

There are so many things to consider when they enter an NBA arena. They have to become educated on the basketball game court because there are so many lines and half circles and so much distance between the two hoops. They might even wonder if the players will ever be able to reach the hoops and that thought will quickly change when the team comes out of the back and runs across the court.

Fans will quickly realize that professional basketball is dramatically different from the basketball that they experienced at their school gym in high school. They might even have to find out the new rules for fouls and other violations that have made NBA Basketball so thrilling on television. So many games have been one by one free throw from an NBA player who was violated in some way on the court.

A true understanding of the game that made the NBA so famous will come only after a fan has a thorough understanding of the positions of the NBA players and all of the terms that are used throughout the game. Some of these terms are used by the officials of the basketball game and others are uttered by the announcers of the game. The daily newspapers is sure to use a few well placed words to talk about the game too and getting the full affect of the game they saw makes it all worthwhile.

When learning about basketball, fans will usually realize that there are many different styles in play on the court. Some of the styles will come through the influence that coaches have on a players time on the court. There are other styles in place that are indicative of which conference the team plays in. Some of the styles are the NBA basketball player's signature moves, and those are what have made the player so famous thus far in their NBA playing career.

To round out the education about the game of basketball, fans will typically pursue a thorough understanding of the NBA Draft and they will be sure to mark their calendars with the dates that the NBA Playoffs are supposed to be televised. Some might go as far as learning all about the NBA All-Star game. With a continual learning curve applied, fans can become very educated about basketball by the end of the basketball season.