Nba Goes Overseas

by : Claudia Beckford

According to league commissioner David Stern; there are new plans for the upcoming regular NBA games as these could be played overseas.

The sport's interest has been increasing internationally, therefore, in an effort to support its current popularity an exhibition game will be played this Wednesday in London. This is certainly a nice opportunity for the British fans to presence live basketball action; the teams which will be present are the Boston Celtics and the Minnesota Timberwolves.

The show will be the first visit of the NBA in London in 12 years. "We've played in Istanbul, Rome and now London ... They've been overwhelming successes," Stern said.

The 12-day pre-season tour includes seven games in six different cities. Additionally, Stern stated that the 2012 Summer Olympics hosted in London can be used as a indicator of the sport's potential in England. In recent years, London has become a very likeable destination for American sports such as Hockey and NFL .

On the other hand, among the players there are also different reactions to the idea of playing overseas. For example, Paul Pierce, Boston Celtics captain had his saying regarding the fact "That's hard to say. I'm so used to being close to my family and friends," "Maybe when my career is over."

For now the NBA is only testing the foreign grounds; as to establish a franchise will be a very serious step which requires time and planning.