The 3 Elements Of Climbing- Physical, Technical, Mental

by : Kris Koonar

If you're looking for some adrenalin rush, then rock climbing is definitely the sport for you. The objective of rock climbers is to navigate through the difficult rock formations and make their way to the top of the structure. However, it should be remembered, just like any other adventure sports, rock climbing is not just a walk through the park. It calls upon a lot of skills and physical fitness on part of the rock climbers. Besides, the structures that the rock climbers choose to scale have to be navigated using the proper routes. Any mistake on part of the climber and he can wave his rock climbing days goodbye.

It is very important to improve your rock climbing skills by making yourself familiar with the different types of rock structures. The most important thing in rock climbing is that you've got to know where exactly your foot goes so that you get a better grip and can easily work your way up to the top. Although climbing may come naturally to some people, a majority of people need to go through the basics to perfect the art of climbing. The basic principle of rock climbing is knowing what to do and what not to do.

The timing is extremely crucial when it comes to rock climbing. Any false move on your part and you're on your way to kiss the ground, literally. Due to its reputation of a physically demanding sport, rock climbers needs basic training, which may vary from strengthening exercises to the different techniques. To facilitate the rock climbers, many rock climbing centers have come up with the sole motive of training the amateurs and a source of practice for the pros. The three most important elements of rock climbing that the amateurs are taught and the ones that the pros religiously follow are the physical aspect, the technical aspect and the mental aspect.

. Physical Aspect: Perhaps the most important element needed, it determines the difficulty faced by the climber and what the climber does to overcome it physically. This requires pure strength and the way to achieve this is to follow an effective fitness regime. Hitting the weights in the gym is probably the greatest mistake that you can do. Surprised? Well, working out in the gym and bench pressing hundreds of pounds is only going to add to your muscles, which is something that you should strictly avoid. Climbing itself is the best exercise out there improve your strength. Besides, it also gives you a lot of practice.

. Mental Aspect: Climbing is more of a mental sport than a physical one because the climber has to visualize the path that he will stick to in order to make the climb in less time and at the same time looking for the safe spots. The bottom line is that the climber has to prepare his mind and body according to the difficulty of the climb.

. Technical Aspect: This involves the various climbing techniques such as campusing(using only the arms), Chest jam(pushing the chest on a wide crack for resting), etc. There are many techniques related to rock climbing and knowing them makes a climber more aware of how to scale different rock formations.

These elements of rock climbing can be achieved through simply climbing but at the same time, an additional aspect to be included is concerning the safety of the climbers. Therefore, safety measures have to be the top priority in case of rock climbing for which using proper safety equipment is absolutely essential.