Florida Gators Basketball Tickets

by : Jay Nault

Anyone who loves college basketball should act now to get their hands on Florida Gators basketball tickets, as this team that's being led by a core of talented players may be setting itself up for one of the greatest single-class runs in the history of the sport.

Whether the Gators' recent dominance on the national landscape continues for years to come is immaterial at this juncture, as with each passing week, fans everywhere are reminded why this team is unquestionably the best in the land. Below we'll look at several reasons for the Gators' ascent to the top of the mountain in their sport, and we'll also look at their prospects for a repeat NCAA title this spring.

A Superstar Coach

It's hard to believe that Gators' coach Billy Donovan has already been stalking the sidelines in Gainesville for more than 10 years. Donovan came to Florida as one of the proverbial coaching "prodigies" in the industry, but the fact is that some of these future stars work out while others do not. Donovan had only two years of head-coaching experience prior to his stint at Florida, and he was only 32 years old when he came aboard.

All he's done is taken everything he learned from the likes of Rick Pittino and established the Gators as a national force, and that began long before last season's championship run. Donovan led the Gators to the Final Four and into the title game in 2000, and his in-game coaching is as renowned as his recruiting. Basically, Donovan rarely gets out-coached, and in the turbulent world of college hoops, Donovan's ability will assure that Florida Gators basketball tickets will always be hard to find.

The "'04's"

The current group of Gators is led by what is shaping up to be one of the greatest recruiting classes of all time, and they have even dubbed themselves the "04's," as that's the year each of them came to Gainesville. The class of Cory Brewer, Joakim Noah, Al Horford and Taurean Green present a dynamic nucleus of players with unbelievable skills and loyalty. Any of these players could've moved on to the NBA after last season's title, but they all decided to return, and that's good news for the fans in Florida and bad news for anyone who faces the mighty Gators from this point forward.

Overall, this team is loaded, mature, motivated and ready to stake their claim on basketball history. They are tournament-tested and can beat you in any of several ways. Therefore, you need to get your Florida Gators basketball tickets now, as you could be witnessing one of the greatest runs in college basketball in the past 20 years.