Safety Measures for Rollerblading

by : Sue Jan

Rollerblade helmet is the most important piece of rollerblade protective equipment for rollerblading. Never ever rollerblade without securing your helmet on first to avoid serious head injuries. Make sure that the helmet is of good quality and that it fits your head properly. Oversized rollerblade helmets are no good because it provides no protection whatsoever. On the other hand small helmets are too tight and too uncomfortable. The interior lining of the helmet should be lined with cushioned padding for comfort and protection.

Other rollerblading safety tips include:

1. Get the complete rollerblading protective gear such as wrist guards, elbow pads and kneepads

Each gear has its own specific safety function, and they are all designed to protect the main parts of your body from injuries and impact in case you land or fall accidentally. Not using these protective gears may result in a bruised knee or broken wrist etc.

2. Learn the rollerblading basics first before you go on roads

To avoid accidents, you should practice the basics such as rollerblading forward, stopping and turning before you decide to rollerblade on the road.

3. Self-control and speed control matters

Be aware of your surroundings especially when you are rollerblading on the road. If you are rollerblading too fast, then slow down. You will be prone to accident if you do not learn how to control your speed.

4. Watch out for road signs and road hazards

Watch out for potholes or cracks on the road, or for slippery oil or water patches, as missing these dangers might cause you to fall.

5. Always be courteous to fellow rollerbladers and pedestrians

You do not own the road; you share it with other rollerbladers and pedestrians, so be polite and courteous.

6. Traffic rules should still prevail

Follow traffic rules such as stopping at the red light when crossing the road in case oncoming cars do not see you.

Bear in mind that rollerblading is a great sport but could also be dangerous. As long as you keep the above safety tips in mind, rollerblading is a fun and enjoyable activity.