How To Shoot A Basketball

by : Kyle Oxenham

You have come to the right place if you want to learn how to shoot a basketball. To shoot a basketball is an athletic movement that is learned through practice and technique. I will explain step by step how to shoot a basketball and get it in the hoop most of the time.

Here we go, first stand on the balls of your feet with your legs shoulder width apart and your shoulders between the basket.

Hold onto the ball with both hands, one hand for shooting and the other for support.

Bend down to a quarter squat or your jumping angle, keep you back slightly arched and shoulders back. Explode upwards as you bring the ball up to you chest then arch your arms over head, flick your wrist and release to spin the ball backwards in an arch into the basket. This is one quick movement, jump to give you more power for 3-pointers or to get above your opponent.

Perfect practice makes perfect players. If you want to increase your accuracy and offensive shooting, practice the following drill. Pick a spot on the floor that you have good range from and start shooting from the exact spot until you can make 90% of your shots. Now move to a new spot on the floor and do the same. This exercise is programming your muscles and mind to know exact how to score from various spots on the floor. Eventually you will be able to score at will in games like you were born shooting. Once you get good at shooting run to the spot and shot like you were in a game, or pretend you are facing an opponent while shooting by your-self, or practice this with your team or friends.

Exercises To Increase Shooting Range:
In order for you to shoot 3-pointers or to extend your shooting range you need to increase your strength, especially in your shoulders. Some great exercises to increase you strength for shooting are: Military Press, The Jerk (Olympic Lift), push ups on your finger tips.

Now you know how to shoot a basketball and what you need to do to become a great shooter. Make sure when you are shooting a basketball your feet and shoulders are in the starting position. Use both hands while shooting, and jump to get more power and range. Practice perfect shooting and drills to increase you skills, because shooting a basketball is the main skill needed to be a great player. Have fun and work smart!