Buying A Home Fitness System

by : Chris Boaz

Today, a lot of people are choosing to exercise at home intead of traditional gyms. They are investing their money in home fitness equipment rather than pay for a monthly gym memberships. A small home gym can fit in your basement or even in a small corner of your house. Choosing to purchase a multi-purpose fitness machine for your home gym can help you save money by merging many types of exercise equipment into one fitness machine. These all in one machine also take up less space then their seperate counterparts.

If you are thinking of getting an all in one home gym then there are a few things that you should consider. One of the is your exercise goals. Ask yourself, what are you hoping to achive from your workouts? When you answer this question you can narrow your decision to equipment that will have the most benifit to you.

There are a lot of these home all in one machines available to today. You may have seen them advertised on television, in magazines or over the internet. The most popular of these machines seem to be aimed at people that are interested in weight lifting exercise.

Two of these popular home gyms at the moment are the Total Gym and Bowflex machines. The Bowflex sysem uses tensioned arms that bend instead of standard weights that lift. It is specifically designed to meet a wide span of budgets and is also very adaptable to different exercise needs.

Another big plus is that the Bowflex is a small system that can fit in very little space or even under your bed. Larger more complicated and expensive Bowflex machines can offer enough workout needs as to rival the professional equipment found in membership gyms.

The Total Gym is another option for a home fitness system. You may have seen it advertised on TV by model Christi Brinkley and martial artist Chuch Norris. It is less complicated and not as costly as the Bowflex machine. For resistance, the Total Gym uses gravity instead of tradiitional weights. The machine is adaptable to a large variety of exersises that focus on working out specific areas of your body.

When making a decision about an multiple exercise system you should take into account the features and price of the system. Also important is considereing who in your family is going to use the gym. If others in your family plan to use the gym then you should get a machine that you all can agree upon and is not to complicated for other people in your home.

Though the Total Gym and Bowflex brands are two of most popular home fitness gyms, there are many others on the market that may meet your needs as well. Other brands like Weilder are well established and known for their quality. Before making a decision, look at several machines that will meet your needs to see which one will give you the most valure for your money.