Bike Helmet Safety

by : Slavco Stefanoski

bike helmet

It was a year or so ago, but I can't forget about the news story I saw on television about the bike helmet. I can't remember the show, but I think it was 20-20. What it had to say about the helmets was interesting, and once someone said it, it was not all that surprising. However, it was not something most would realize on their own though it made a lot of sense. They said it was not always safer to wear a helmet while on a bike, and the reason made a lot of sense.

They did some experiments and came to the conclusion that drivers are not as careful around riders that are wearing a bike helmet because they assume they are more advanced riders. Those without a helmet will find cars giving them a lot of room when they go by, but the ones with a bike helmet got about half of the space, if that. The reasoning behind this is that the helmet signifies experience, and that means drivers don't have to be careful. That's not true, but that seems to be the unconscious thought for more drivers.

Does that mean that most should not wear a bike helmet? Certainly not, especially when it comes to children. They should always have one because there is nothing funny or easy about a head injury. Some parents think their children should take their bumps and bruises, which is true for the most part, but they should always have their heads protected when riding a bike. It might not be cool, but it can save a life.

When buying a bike helmet, think about function before style. I have looked at them, but have yet to buy one because my daughter does not ride very often. However, if friends start coming around to ask her to go riding, she will be wearing a bike helmet. I have noticed that some are better than others, and this is one thing you may not want to buy from a discount store. For the reassurance that you are buying something that will work if an accident were to occur, get your helmet from a sporting goods store. That way you know you are getting a better quality item. If you don't have such a place near you, you can get them online. You can also look for recommendations online to see what other parents think are the best brands and styles.