Tips for Buying a Mountain Bike Online

by : Robert G. Knechtel

Buying a mountain bike online is a big step, but it doesn't have to be a mistake as long as you know what you're getting into. However, it's important not to buy the first thing you see that looks appealing. It can be hard to tell what you're really buying over the Internet. What you're looking for is the fight fit. Learning about bikes before you start shopping, and knowing just what you want are the keys to successfully buying a mountain bike online.

First, get a good professional fitting, to tell you what type and size of bike is best for you. These may be free, or they may cost you up to seventy-five dollars. However, in the end, they're worth it. Any good bike shop that you get a fitting from won't pressure you to buy there.

Once you know what your size and ideal frame type is, start looking at mountain bike brands and features you like. These days there are a great deal of options available, and learning about these is essential. Make a decision about the frame material you want (titanium, carbon fiber, aluminum or steel). The latter are the most prevalent, but steel and aluminum cost less.

Ask yourself about suspension - mountain bikes are available with no suspension, front suspension, and a combination of front and back suspensions. More suspension costs a bit more, but it also gives you a gentler ride. Begin collecting brands that you'd like to buy from. Brand name may not be the only consideration, but those with proven reliability such as Cannondale, Trek and Specialized have stood the test of time.

Online you'll find a number of bike retailers, as well as a wide variety of mountain bikes being offered both by retailers and individuals on eBay. Buying bikes on eBay requires a bit of caution. If you choose to go with eBay, be very careful to make certain that the bike you're buying is the one you want. Return policies can be tricky, and individual sellers can misrepresent their bikes, intentionally or not. All that said, you can really save money buying through eBay, but look for good shipping and handling costs and an excellent record of seller feedback.

On the other hand, buying from an online bike retailer may prove to be a little safer. It's always important to check up on the online store and make sure that they're reliable, too. Know your biker retailer's return policies, too, and see if there's a warranty. A warranty, if available, may be a sensible purchase to give you a little extra safety on your mountain bike purchase.