Ladders and Mobile Safety Steps

by : rajan mr

Ladders are the most commonly used equipment to access temporary workplaces at a height beyond the normal reach. The type of ladder selected varies depending upon the available place, the height to be reached and the duration of use. It is essential to take proper safety measures while using a ladder at industrial workplace. While using a conventional ladder, whether it is a step ladder or a regular one to be placed at an angle against the surface, the user typically performs up and down movements by grasping upper rungs or sides of the ladder with the hands while moving the feet from step-to-step on lower rungs or steps of the ladder. IF such a ladder is placed at an angle that is too steep to the surface it becomes difficult for the centre of gravity to be stable and there I every possibility of the ladder tipping backwards once the user starts to climb it. Besides, the rungs or steps d not provide the ease of an conventional handrail. Also, the lack of any surrounding side support lends a sense of insecurity to the users.

Ladders must be so positioned as to be stable during use. They must be used in such a way that the workers receive a secure handhold and secure support at all times. In particular, if a load has to be carried by hand on a ladder, the maintenance of a safe handhold must not be ruled out. Only safe ladders, secured against slipping, in good shape and suitable for usage in the current objective should be allowed at industrial workplaces.

Conventional ladders generally require a lot of storage space and this problem has actually been one of the key reasons behind the innovation of modern day folding ladders and mobile safety steps. These foldable ladders come with a hinged mechanism where the steps part is hinged at top to a fold-out extension to forma direct triangular structure by itself. These ladders can thus be used as free standing ladders. Mobile Safety steps are an advanced form of these folding ladders that are created with added focus on safety and minimizing storage problems. These are generally light weight, durable, space saving and compliant with industry regulations.

The size of a mobile safety step can vary from 2 feet to 10 feet and they come with various mechanisms like spring action, lever brake, push and foot lock systems etc. These ladders are extensively used in warehouse and storage places and are very effective where it is required to reach over-head areas.

With the increase in technological advancement and supplemented by space constraint the old style traditional ladders are getting depreciated fast and people are increasingly moving on to use of mobile safety steps. These steps are ideal in improving workplace safety and preventing injuries while storage of these equipments is also never a problem. Mobile safety steps today have become an integral part of safety equipments and are actually adding a lot of value by preventing potential hazards at workplaces.