F1 - Renaults Disappointing Season Brings Doubts

by : Claudia Beckford

After the latest Grand Prix Race at the Montreal Circuit in Canada a total of seven races have taken place and the French Renault team has not yet been able to achieve the results they thought with their new R28 vehicle and drivers.? Up to this point Fernando Alonso is located in the ninth position in the overall standings? which is definitely not a good spot for the Spaniard who is used to being in the top three.

Fernando Alonso became Renaults' driver as of 2008 after terminating his contract with the McLaren team due to disagreements with the team's managers as well as with his team mate Lewis Hamilton. Alonso has stated that the following races in France and England will resolve if the team will proceed to change the vehicle for the rest of the season or if they will wait until the 2009 Formula One calendar.

"It's a difficult decision," he told the BBC. "I have a strong opinion [against] it, but after Silverstone you have to think about it. The decision has to be made sooner or later."We have a couple of developments coming for Magny-Cours and Silverstone, so let's wait and see what these do for the car. "Maybe at those tracks it will be good, so we can carry on developing this car."If it's not good, maybe the season will already be over so it's time to think about next year" stated the Spaniard.

Alonso's most recent disappointment was at the Canadian Grand Prix where he had the best chance of the season to obtain a podium position but this dream was not possible as his vehicle failed him; therefore; he needs to wait again for the upcoming races to see how these develop next June 22 in France and on July 6th in England. Additionally; this is a difficult time for the driver as he is also searching for options for the new seasons; there have been rumors he has already signed with Ferrari for the 2010 season but no one has yet confirm the fact.

Despite the above mentioned Alonso knows he has a responsibility with his current team Renault and he will try to crawl back his way to the first positions as long as his vehicle becomes more reliable for what is left of the season. Alonso is optimistic and he knows he has friends at Renault that will help him achieve this goal which is a win-win situation for both parties even thought he could decide eventually to leave.

On the other hand, Pat Symonds Renault's director of engineering is keen to further implement changes to their machines which could bring good results. They do understand this is required as soon as possible as BMW has become a strong opponent in this year's campaign and Renault needs to shorten the point gap within the next two months.