Why Rock Climbing Lovers Can not Get Enough of the Sport

by : Muna wa Wanjiru

Rock climbing has been associated with the thrill of adrenaline rush. It is a blood pumping extreme sport that is mostly left to seasoned climbers. To be a seasoned climber can see you married to training at every moment in time because it requires a highly fit person to endure all that it entails. Rock climbing involves conquering a natural or man-made rock usually in a? determined end which is a summit. A summit is a pivotal end where one usually aims at as the ultimate target usually it is the end of a mountain or hill.

Rock climbing requires mental control, agility and great balance. There are special equipment however, used to supplement this sport.? It started in the last quarter of the nineteenth century in Europe. Rock climbing is mainly classified into two categories. Aid climbing and Free climbing.? With assistance from equipments like artificial hands and footholds aid climbing gained it's popularity from 1920 - 1960. Free climbing is using your power solely to complete your target to reach your summit. Certain controversies stated that it was virtually impossible to conquer certain targets hence the provision for aid climbing.

There are many styles of rock climbing the most common being bouldering. This is a free climb that relies on nothing but cushioned anchors called bouldering pads.? One finds the pads and makes a climb to the top. Another style is top roping. This is where a rope is carefully anchored to prevent falls while a belayer controls the rope. Other styles include lead climbing, free, solo and indoor climbing.

Rock climbing has not been without criticism. People have pointed figures to the sportsmen and women that they leave a trail of environmental degradation. They say that by leaving bottles and other foreign equipment in places where nature has not been exploited is a major cause of pollution. Further more, they leave traces of human waste along the way. Critics have been quick to condemn the sport.

Others say that some people can not handle why people constantly push themselves to the edge, and out of fear for the sport, they find it easier to condemn the sport altogether. One family recently confessed in confidence how, they look forward to the day their father will stop the extreme sport which has almost taken his life twice. That having been said, rock climbing lovers will not get enough and the sport is on top as ever.