A Look at the Categories of Free Style Bmx

by : Muna wa Wanjiru

Free style BMX is an organization for sports. It encourages the creative way of using bicycles. There are several disciplines in which a rider can participate. Most of the riders will participate in more than one discipline.

The free style BMX disciplines are divided into 5 categories. They are street, park, vert, trails and flat land.

Street competition in Free style BMX: Street riding will be held on public places as well as streets. The rider may get any number of obstacles in the street like gaps, rails walls etc. The street riding will be more fun and enjoyable to the rider since there are no plans for him to ride. Many BMX users are street riders and they are employed to participate in street rides to get popularity in media about the product. The street ride BMX bikes are stronger than other it other counterparts. The riders enjoy the thrill in the sport and so they sometimes even remove the handbrakes.

Park riders in free style BMX bikes: Skate parks are designed with wood, concrete, or sometimes even with metal. Styles for different skate parks are also different and involve more technical tricks. The concrete skate park is suitable for free flow and fast riding. Concrete parks usually contain bowls and pools so that the rider can jump in the air. However they are costly since they can last permanently Obstacles are made in the concrete park to enhance the thrill of the competition. Normally quarter pipes and spines are the obstacles used in concrete parks.

Vert Ramp: Vert ramp consists of two-quarter pipes facing each other at around 10 to 15 feet tall. Riders go from each face and perform some tricks in the air and then return to the same face. Since there is danger in participating in this sport, only few riders are there to participate.

Trail: Trails are lines of jumps built from air. Normally the jump consists of steep take off. It is referred to as lip. The lip and landing are built as separate mounds with a gap. The gap will normally be 12 feet tall. Trail riding is commonly referred to as dirt jumping. The riders like perform tricks those are crazy. The smooth and flow is really missing in this riding.

Flat land riding in free style BMX: Flat land riding is not common nowadays. Tricks performed by the riders normally include spinning and balancing the body while riding in the BMX bikes. Flat land bikes have shorter wheel base. The riders in flat land will provide various stylish tricks.

Free style BMX bikes: Most of the free style BMX bikes use 20-inch wheels. Some riders use the branded bikes available in stores. Many others will use custom made bikes to suit their styles and preferences. Generally the riders use smooth tires to get grip on concrete surfaces. Dirt Bikes will use only rear brakes. However brakes depend upon the preference of the rider. Most of the free style riders like to ride without brakes. They want the bikes to be simple and light weight.