A Look at the Various Types of the Bmx Helmets Available

by : Muna wa Wanjiru

Helmets form an important aspect of racing sport. Helmets protect the racing champion from head injuries. There are various types of the BMX helmets available in the market that is safe to use.

Some of the helmets are available in straight up skate style. This is good for the riders who do not want first place helmets. These helmets give wide coverage area and do not come in the way of eyes and therefore no need of special attention. The material used is asbestos shell that prevents hard knocks. The helmet gives sufficient ventilation for cruising as it is provided with around thirteen vents. Chinstrap provided is quick to release and easy to adjust. These helmets are available in small, medium and large size.

Other types of the helmets are provided with ABS hard plastic. This plastic shell is included with EPS foam liners that gives better protection. This helmet is cool as well as fit and comfortable. The helmet is provided with around 12 tactically placed vents.

Many types of helmets are suitable for racing and skating. These helmets are made up of asbestos shell. Helmets are provided with removable goggle clip and gasket. For better ventilation, the helmets are provided with front ventilator plugs.

Some of the helmets are provided with a custom logo inserted on the front side and some of the smaller logos are molded inside the helmet. Helmets are also equipped with four warm pads for additional security. Size of such helmet is about 48 to 60 centimeters. Some helmets are supported with easily interchangeable R.E.D. These helmets give sufficient ventilation. For the protection of head, the helmets are injected with asbestos shell. Extra accessories provided with the helmet are, removable goggle gaskets and clips. These helmets are well suitable for skating and BMS racing.

Along with these helmets, some of the helmets are commonly used as they are made up of impact resistant asbestos shell that has the EPS foam that gives better protection. These helmets prevent sweating by proper ventilation. Around 12 strategic vents are provided for proper ventilation. These helmets are available in small size, medium size and large size. Small size varies from 20 inches to 22 inches. Medium sizes are available in app. 21 inches to 23 inches where as large size is from app. 22 inches to 24 inches.

Some of the helmets covers and protects full face. These helmets are ultra lightweight and gives well protection. The helmets are constructed in multi layers of carbon or Kevlar. The helmets include moto-x style for wide protection. Along with the protection these helmets provides good ventilation for more comfort.

Some of the helmets are used for dual purpose of security and style. These helmets are constructed with asbestos hard plastic shell with dual density EPS linear. The helmet is provided with 12 vents that allow cool air inside the helmet. Small size of these helmets varies from 51 to 56 cm, medium size of the helmets ranges from 54cm to 59cm, where as the large size varies from 58cm to 63cm.