Motor Sports: From Curiosity to Passion

by : Scott Jarvis

Being an homebody I had never given much thought to outdoor sports, especially motor sports. This all changed however when I met someone who introduced me to the world of motor sport and showed me just how much fun and competitive they could be. As someone who would still be considered green by most others' standards, my knowledge of racing something like a Sand Rail or Yamaha Rhino has dramatically increased in a short time.

Once I was introduced to racing of all sorts I immediately began spending time with my new friend out at various races. I think it may have been this that helped me become familiar with things so quickly and I believe this also helped the sport make a much larger impression on me that it would have had I not attended so many races. As someone who almost never left the home, I initially figured that there wasn't much to motor sports nor the vehicles used for racing.

Mind you it was not the minute details and things such as engine specs and history that I learned of so quickly but instead I promptly became familiar with important racers, and which vehicles worked best on which tracks and things of this nature. For an individual whom believed he knew it all, this was quite a culture shock but an enjoyable one at that.

To recount the number of hours spent watching races and pow-wowing with my new race buddies is nearly impossible. As time passed however my admiration for motor sports grew even as my hyper focus on the subject evened out and it became commonplace in my house. It was during this time that I began to contemplate building or buying my own racer and eagerly anticipated learning to drive competitively.

After much deliberating and debate I deiced that with the help of a good friend I would be purchasing a Yamaha Rhino. Building my own car sounded and looked good on paper but the man hours necessary to perform such a task was something neither me nor my friend had to spare so the decision to buy outright was a natural one. The purchase of my Rhino went smoothly and I have been behind the wheel for quite some time now, though on limited training capacity. I still look forward to the day I will race against others.

I often find it intriguing that we sometimes discount things we know nothing about or things we think we know a lot about and am glad that I took a chance and followed the curiosity that was sparked by a good friend. Curiosities can lead to hobby's and to passions if one had enough courage to follow them.