How to Buy a Inflatable Pontoon Boat

by : Robert

Whether you want to go fishing or just want a boat that allows you to reach remote areas of the lake, then an inflatable pontoon boat is an excellent option. However, when it comes to buying an inflatable pontoon boat there are a few things you should consider. Some areas to consider is the frame, shell, size and bladders before choosing which inflatable pontoon boat to purchase. Some consider the following tips before buying your new inflatable pontoon boat.

The most important and first aspect you should consider is the frame. Inflatable pontoon boats can have frames made of either aluminum or steel. The inflatable pontoon boat made from a steel framework will be cheaper, but you also need to inspect it far more frequently for signs of rust.

Choosing an aluminum frame for your inflatable pontoon boat means that is it will not only be resistant to corrosion, but that it will also be lighter in weight. Although for these two main benefits you will also pay a higher price for your boat.

Next when it comes to buying an inflatable pontoon boat you need to consider the shell. It is best to know the thickness rating of the shell before purchasing. If you get a inflatable pontoon boat with a thicker shell it will be more durable and puncture resistant. While these boats are also more expensive, paying the extra money is often best since you will be paying for a durable boat that will last you longer than the cheaper models.

Another important factor to consider when purchasing an inflatable pontoon boat is the size. Obviously the larger the boat, the more expensive it will be. However, if you want a boat that is more stable, such as those who plan on doing fly fishing, then you will want a larger inflatable pontoon boat.

Also the larger size of a boat will place you higher on the water, allowing you access to more areas of the lake and make the boat more responsive to the oars.

Next you should consider the type of bladders used when buying an inflatable pontoon boat. Bladders are either made of urethane or vinyl. The more expensive option is urethane, but it is often worth the higher price since they are tougher and lighter in weight. Which means you not only have a boat that lasts longer, but also you won't sacrifice when it comes to weight so you can still be high in the water.

Finally you want to consider the oars when buying a inflatable pontoon boat. Oars come in a variety of lengths. By choosing a larger oar you will have someone that is more responsive and also more expensive. If you are going to use the boat in smaller areas or streams then you should consider getting shorter oars.

If you are only going to use your boat a few times during the year then buying oars that can be broken down for easier storage is a good option. The best oars are ones with large diameters, oarlocks and blades.