Learn How the Wave Board Works

by : Derek Cladek

The waveboard as a very unique a different design then most boards on the market. The board only has two wheels, which are free to rotate an entire 360 degrees, located under two separate decks that are connected by a spring loaded torsion bar. The decks are able to twist opposite of each other. It is this technology that allows the wave board to be propelled without your feet ever needing to touch the ground. The wheels are sized at 77mm and 85A, and the bearings are ABEC5. Waveboard wheels are designed to take the wear and tear of continual use. Your feet never have to touch the ground when riding and because of this any wheels would wear down much faster. The waveboard wheels keep you riding longer before you need to change them. The 360 degree rotating wheels connect to the decks which are made out of high quality and very strong ABS plastic. ABS plastic was used because of the strength it has. The board can take a lot of wear and tear before it will ever break. The one draw back is that the board is slightly heavier then most boards, although weight is not going to matter when you are cruising down the street with the waveboard under your feet.

On top of the decks are the face plates and grip. Outlining each deck are traction plates. These traction plates give you grip around the entire perimeter of each deck. Therefore if your feet slide for some reason the traction plates will grip your shoe and hold you on the board. In the middle of the top of each deck are the traction pads. These traction pads are little sections of grip to grab onto the middle of your shoe and also help give the board its sleek look. The last things on top of the decks are the interchangeable deck plates. There are silver decks, green, orange, red, pink, and checkered that can all be put on any waveboard. These decks are all about the design and look of the board, and created interchangeable so you can customize your waveboard. On the underside of each deck the plastic is sand blasted for protection. This is also where the screws are located to remove a deck plate and change it. The two decks are connected by a spring load torsion bar. This is the most important technology of the waveboard. This torsion bar is what allows each deck to swivel individually to produce the motion you need to propel yourself without ever pushing off of the ground. The free swiveling 360 degree wheels twist and turn as your feet swivels each deck. The correct motion is an "S" shape with your shoulders and hips and it is this movement coupled with the technology of the waveboard that propels you forward. When you get good at the waveboard you are not going to think of how it works, it just becomes so natural, and you will be able to balance like you are walking. Hopefully understanding the technology and how it works will help get you started and more comfortable on your waveboard quicker.