Your Heart Out in a Cricket Forum

by : Ella Wilson

There is nothing like having a healthy discussion on a topic that is close to your heart with like minded people. And if you are a cricket fan, you know that the topics of discussion are endless. Irrespective of whether any tournament or event is going on in the world of cricket, the cricket fans always manage to come up with interesting topics for serious discussion and debate in a cricket forum. Cricket is a game that involves lots of excitement and action and it goes without saying that fans are passionate about the game. When there is so much of passion, action and emotion involved with a game it is bound to give rise to several topics for discussion. Cricket fans just have this ability to start discussing on any point that may seem to be trivial to others, ask me and I can come up with numerous instances.

And till you get seriously involved with the game you will never realize how any trivial thing can become a hot topic of discussion. When the cricket season is underway you will find that cricket forums in different websites are flooded with topics on which you can just have your say. There are several cricket sites on the web and the most popular section in several sites is the cricket forum discussion page. The topics that are discussed in any cricket forum are varied and one just has to think of a topic and start discussing on it. Taking part in any discussion in a cricket forum is simple, first you need to find out the site that provides a platform to share and air the views. Next the visitor will have to get registered with the site by signing up and he is ready for the discussion.

The most interesting topics to discuss are the ones that discuss about an ongoing match. You can sit in front of the computer, keep a tab on the score of the match, see the players who are part of the playing XI and you are ready for discussion. That's the only thing you need and your can be the first to start the discussion on a cricket forum by speculating who will win the toss and what the captain should do on winning the toss. Long before the match starts you can kick off the discussion with fans from all over the world. The discussion can be on a serious topic, a witty one, a controversial one or just about cricket in general.

I have taken part in n number of discussions in cricket forum and trust me I always manage to come across a topic that surprises me and throws me off guard. The topics in any cricket forum are so varied and interesting that you can't help but just get involved in the discussion. One of the most interesting and amusing discussion that I came across in a cricket forum was the topic which was discussing about similarity of cricketers with actors. Fans had compared cricketers with all sorts of actors and let me tell you they were looking pretty much similar to the actors, which I had never realized before. I could not resist myself and ended up comparing Chris Cairns with David Hasselhoff. Don't trust me on this one? Take out their pictures and compare!