The Delkim Alarm Has it All

by : James Baxer

In the last decade or so there has been a whole new set of bite alarms released onto the market for all types of anglers. Bite alarms are a way of finding out if you have a bite or not, usually they are comprised of handsets which beep when your line is pulled when you get a bite.

The Delkim alarm set new standards for electronic bite alarms when it was released way back in 1992. Every bite alarm that was released since then, mainly from Delkim, pushes the limits to what can be done by bite alarms. The Delkim alarm started offering functionality that would be found nowhere else in the alarm side of fishing.

A brilliant feature that was added into the Delkim alarm was also the security side, where an anti-theft function was added so even if you were asleep you are notified if anything happens via the alarm. One brilliant thing about the Delkim alarm is that they are all created in Britain still leaving these alarms a top quality choice that are guaranteed to make your fishing experience better.

Because Del Romang the founder of Delkim invented the vibrating sensing system, it means that they have 100% patented the alarm system meaning that they can constantly offer these brilliant alarms with this technology which has revolutionized the bite alarm industry. Because the technology picks up and tells you everything you need to know makes it a first choice for all anglers, as there are no moving parts to the alarm at all it means that the Delkim alarm can pick up on a lot more than the usually standard alarms.

Also the Delkim alarm has some other brilliant features which come in handy all the time, a brilliant addition is the NiteLite mode which they have added which glimmers a LED light constantly throughout the night leaving you with no need to buy other kinds of light.

A few of the features that the Delkim alarms boasts include:

Anti-theft alarm
Easy access range checker
Improved sensitivity adjustment
Improved audio warnings
Volume and tone checkers
Delkims Crystal controlled phase lock loop digitally coded radio transmitter

All of these features plus more which have not been covered make the Delkim alarm probably the best on the market, they may not be the cheapest available out there but they definitely do the job in hand and help you to put more fish on the bank.

All Delkim alarms that you get come in a new case design which also revolutionized the industry, they are completely waterproof and resistant to nearly all kinds of weather and damage that may occur, meaning that the Delkim alarm is one of the most reliable on the market as it can withstand so much abuse (not that you abuse it at all).

Another brilliant thing to the Delkim alarm is that the battery life will last a year pretty much no matter what you do, so there will be no times where you suddenly run out of battery and are stuck without a bite alarm.

I hope that you have found this article useful and that you enjoy the Delkim alarm which I am positive you will.