Fallkniven Knives Makes Superb Outdoor Blades

by : Greg R.

Fallkniven is a less well known Scandinavian enterprise that has been producing top-quality blades for nearly twenty-five years. Their products are so well-regarded that they have been bought and utilized by the King of Sweden.

The company is family-operated and you get the sense that it's the core of their corporate identity. The founders are hunters and fishermen themselves, bringing their experience with blade performance in the field to their own knife making methodology. One can visit Fallkniven's homepage and check out pictures of the people who run the operation. You're not going to encounter that at a large, corporate-run blade maker!

Fallkniven has a reasonable claim to producing what might be some of the most durable serial manufactured stainless steel knives in the whole world. Utilizing exclusively the best stainless steels including SGPS, 3G, and VG-10, they are able to produce knives that measure greater than 60 HRC.

Fallkniven Knife Models

Fallkniven produces a handful items that can be broken down into seven groups. Like with most knife-makers, there is some overlap in defining the groups.

  • Tre Kroner models are built from 3G powdered, laminated steel hardened to 62 on the Rockwell scale. Their main use is as a hunting knife. They are available in in a variety of models. The TK1, TK2, TK5 and TK6 are fixed-blade knives which sport sculpted Cocobolo Thermorun handles with a finger guard. The TK3 and TK4 are folder knives and are available with a range of offbeat handle materials, such as mother-of-pearl and red quince.

  • Fallkniven folding blades such as the U1, U2, and P are smaller blades having drop points that are intended to be lighter all-purpose hunting and fishing blades. Steels utilized are VG10, SGPS or 3G, while handles are micarta, Cocobolo or Zytel. Locking catches differ also between the various models.

  • Their Hunting and Fishing Knives include the WM, the H1, the F1 and F2. The WM is a small-game knife that is also popular among hikers and backpackers. The H1, their flagship hunting blade, is a larger large-game hunting blade that features no finger protector. Cutting edges are composed of VG10 or 3G steel, while handles are Thermorun or Zytel. The F1 was Fallkniven's earliest tool and is for use as a survival knife, while the F2 knife, with its long slim blade, is targeted as more of an angler's knife.

  • Survival and Bushcraft Blades consist of the S1, the A1 and the A2. They are wilderness blades that are made with lengthier, thicker blades. Those knives are typically 1-2mm thicker than the knives mentioned previously, at least three centimeters lengthier and a few points "softer" using the Rockwell Hardness gauge. That makes these blades ideal for serious trail blazing. The steel in these blades is VG-10. The handle on the S1 is Thermorun and the A1/A2 is constructed from Zytel.

  • Fallkniven's Military Knives include the G1 and the Model MC1. The G1 is a compact, covert knife with a non-reflective blade, while the MC1 is a huge knife for mine clearing. The two are made of VG-10 steel hardened to 59 HRC. The G1 features a Thermorun handle and the MC1 has a Kraton handle.

  • While Fallkniven does not focus on Cook's Knives, kitchen knives can surely be created using experience obtained while designing outdoor knives. The K1 Chef's blade is 8 inches in length, a typical size, while the K2 is a large Santoku. VG-10 steel, hardened to 59 on the Rockwell Hardness scale, is used to create the two knives. They have Thermorun handles that should not slip.

  • Fallkniven Northern Light knives are intended for industrial-strength wilderness use. Blades are laminated VG-10 steel with a hardness of 59HRC, varying in dimension from 10cm in length x 5mm thick all the way up to 250mm in length x 7mm thick. are leather and lightweight aluminum and sport a full bolster / finger guard. The special-edition NL5cx is similar in size to the smallest of these knives, but shows off a Damascus-style Cowry X steel blade at an extreme hardness of 64HRC.

More Info

are readily available online, though obviously not every model will be in stock at every vendor. Fallkniven's has some great data on the company as well as a full-color shopper's catalog. The at KnifeForums.com is an excellent meeting place for well-versed Fallkniven fans.