Korda - the Reason Fishing is Easy

by : Tony Savour

Korda developments is a fishing tackle development and manufacturing company which produce high quality top of the market fishing tackle products which are made for all levels of anglers by anglers. They are world renowned for their fishing rigs and leads and other pieces of fishing tackle as well as being known for the vast amount of fishing information that they bring to the whole fishing community.

The thing with Korda is that if they believe if something can be done to make a piece of equipment better then they will try it, test it and if it works manufacture it. Not all of Korda developments ideas and theories turn out to work the way they thought but they still work and are constantly the best on the market. If there is a better product on the market then Korda will only act to make it better and not allow anything to be made cheaply and inefficiently. If it's not the best it will not get made.

Take for example one of their newest products on the market that Korda have produced, the hybrid bottom bait. This was supposed to be in theory a braided hooklink material coated in Flurocarbon. Basically what Korda were trying to achieve was to have the braid turn invisible when it absorbs water allowing for fish to get caught easier as they would not be able to see it. When this was in production they soon realised that it was not going to work the way that they were going about it. In the end this turned out to produce a really stiff coated hooklink. After finding this they thought that they want to go one step further as they usually do and make sure that they have the best coated material out there. So they sent their research team out and after a long time of planning, experimenting and field testing they came up with an outstanding piece that should be in all you anglers fishing tackle kits.

Korda take existing methods of fishing and extend it further all the way to the top so that the product is the absolute essential for all anglers, they have developed the best products in so many different areas. You could say that they all think exactly like fish when they go about creating their products, because they produce the goods and make them work so that the fish will either not notice the big hook waiting to get them or they will notice to big juicy bait and still go for it.

Another section that Korda are leading developers in is the fishing hooks part, After however many years put together that these expert anglers have spent on the banks, their hook creations have been created using all of their knowledge in fishing. The hooks are created exactly how they are needed with different specs for different types of fishing.

Remember that when you buy Korda products you know that you are in safe hands and believe it now or wait until you see it in action, their products and fishing information is all you really need to get your fishing to a very, very high standard