5 Best Features of a Turbo Jam - Weighted Gloves

by : Jesse Miller

Amongst the many body parts that can be toned through cardio vascular exercises and aerobics are the arms. To shape, tone and get it to be leaner just like the other parts such as the chest and shoulders. Take that arm toning exercises one step higher. How? Do it with one of the wonder exercise accessories-the Turbo Jam - Weighted Gloves. Conceptualized by the one of the best physical fitness team who knows the best for an exercise and fitness enthusiasts, these weighted gloves is among the excellent weighted gloves available in the market today.

These weighted gloves perform best when worn while doing the Turbo Jam Maximum Results Program routines with Turbo Jam trainer Charlene Johnson. In order to entice you to get these weighted gloves, here are the 4 best features of this exercise wonder buddy from Turbo Jam.

1. These gloves are easy and simple to use. It does not require complicated instructions to put these on your arms, no complicated laces or locks either.

2. The workout weighted gloves helps to strengthen and shape your chest, arms and shoulders. Its constant use also will improve you staying power or what we call stamina as you endure the exercises in your fitness program.

3. This workout gloves when used with any fitness program or workout routine guarantees to support an accelerated burning of fats and results of shaping the arms, shoulders and chest areas.

4. This fitness break through resistance tool can add excitement to your daily workout programs. With the many exciting and power features that it possess, and exciting routine is possible. Many had expressed that the weighted gloves finally answered their fitness requirements.

5. It has simple but powerful features making this fitness accessory a wonder. Each glove weighs 1 lb making it 2 lbs all in all on both arms. It has only one size that mostly fits all users who want to use it. Also, each glove contains a lining made of Neoprene material that increases comfort while it is in use. Finally, Velcro closure on each glove for that secured fit.

It is no doubt that this weighted glove set is one of the best exercise buddy you can have. Remember that when you plan to purchase one, purchase the one with the Turbo Jam brand. It guarantees 100% results and goals achieved. Aside from that, Turbo Jam offers another guarantee-a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with this weighted glove set's performance. But believe it or not, coming from those that had already purchased and used this exercise accessory - It's worth the money spent. Nobody does weighted gloves better but the Turbo Jam brand with quality product and satisfaction guaranteed.