5 Shaun T Rockin Body Grooves

by : Jesse Miller

Dancing is considered as the best exercise. It involves all the main muscles of the body. The Hip Hop Abs® by Shaun T is a phenomenal dance exercise focusing on hip hop moves that work on the abs.

Now Shaun T is back to give you some new grooves for your rockin body workouts. Shaun T is out with his new Shaun T ROCKIN BODY grooves or dance workouts on videos.

The programs of Shaun T covers from hip hop, pop, disco, to rock grooves and music. The following are the titles of his 5 newest rockin workouts.

1. Mark, Move and Groove

This video lasts for just 15 minutes but the dances or grooves in it will surely make you sweat out. Shaun describes here his Mark It and Move It Technique where you can study or mark a certain step and you can do it yourself. This video includes easy to learn steps that you can use on any type of dances. This video is suited for the beginners who are just learning to love the art of dancing.

2. Disco Groove

This 35-minute video contains workouts that you can dance with "Holiday" and other disco music. You can also do this workout on the dance floor while partying with your friends. In this way, you are enjoying while doing your routine. This video gives you easy to do disco moves that will make your body grooving every time you will hear a disco music.

3. Party Express

This video is filled with 25 minutes of workouts and dance steps that you can use to show off your friends on your night parties. You can dance it along with different party music such as rave, trance, and many more.

4. Shaun T's Dance Party

This is a fan filled and rigorous party that you will ever have. This video runs for 45 minutes and filled with extreme moves and steps that will surely burn your stocks of calories.

5. Rock It Out

This is a 45-minute video of rock-and-roll routines that involves all your body parts. The single muscle takes a rest in doing this routine. This rocking workout will take your body back in shape while toning and sculpting your whole body. This hard dance routine will literally rock you for this will sculpt or tone your body to give you those rock-like muscles that have always wanted.

The five given dance routines of Shaun T incorporates your fitness workouts on your night activities or parties. Doing a workout while partying makes sure that you are really enjoying what you are doing. The sweats and the joy that you get in these routines are just some of the bonuses on your fitness or workout plans.