How to Exercise Your Biceps

by : Jesse Miller

One part of your physique that can easily get noticed is your upper arms and especially your biceps. There are many things you can do to exercise your biceps. Working with your biceps can be one of the most fulfilling exercises you can do. These wonderful muscles build fast and are easy to maintain.

The following tips can help you achieve maximum gain for your biceps:

1.Do your curls. Curl exercises are some of the most common and easily done exercises around. With the versatility of your upper arms and elbow you could make endless variations to the simple biceps curl. All you need are weights or barbells and you can get working on it. Of course proper execution is also recommended. You can do it standing or sitting. Another good exercise is the chin-ups, which helps give your whole upper arm a good work out.

2.Combine your compounds with your isolation. What this simply means is not to just perform isolation exercises but rather mix in some compound exercises as well. It's good to target the biceps, but you might also want to develop the other muscle groups of your arm. This helps give you an even build to your arms and makes your biceps look even bigger (since the other muscles surrounding it helps bunch it up).

3.Keep the tension. As you're doing your weight training it's important to concentrate on the movement of the muscle. Don't just lift the weight rather feel the weight and concentrate on keeping your muscle's tension even throughout the movement.

4.Mind your fuel. Taking in good carbs (whole wheat and grains) prior to exercise gives you the energy for your exercise and eating high quality protein with low fat afterwards ensures good bulk for your muscles.

5.Put on some variety. It's been said many times that varying your exercise regimen helps keep your muscles on their toes. It avoids adaptation and plateau as well as keeps your work-out interesting and less boring.

6.Give your biceps some rest. Planning your work out and getting the proper intervals between them avoids overdoing work out in one area of your body and help prevent injuries. Getting a proper night's sleep is beneficial as well to give your muscles a chance to repair itself and bulk up.

It is important to note that it is easy to injure your biceps as well as overdevelop them. So the key here is to not only work your biceps hard, work the other muscles of your arm as well. It keeps your weight training balanced and gives you an even tone throughout your arm. In no time you'll be flashing those babies around and you'll get great compliments!