How to Build Muscle Size Like the Old Timers

by : Derek Manuel

From around the fifty's through the seventy's, we can learn a lot of solid information on how to build muscle size as well as gaining weight from the old-timers. There was a lot more common sense and simplicity when it came to weight training workouts for muscle mass.

Their training techniques differed very much from the ones we know of today, though most of the ones they used then are far more effective. The difference about their training was that they understood the importance of lifting heavy weights to build muscle. Because when you build strength, you are building the foundation for size. Some strength exercises focus on building muscle mass better then others, while others have more of an effect on gaining weight.

Not only did the old time bodybuilders train with different exercises and programs then what we mostly see today, but the way they trained was completely different altogether. They trained HARD. Back then most of these bodybuilders worked out in basements or garages of their own homes. They didn't have all of the pads, machines, and fancy gym equipment that make training easier and more luxurious that we have today.

In fact, many bodybuilders trained without any racks whatsoever, so in order to do most exercises, they first had to clean the weight off the floor and then get it into position (a clean is an Olympic exercise in which you pick the weight up off the floor and pull it up and get your elbows under it in one quick motion). Can you imagine that before beginning to squat say, 200 pounds, you first had to pick it up off the floor, lift it over your head and then lower it onto your shoulders? Now that's hard work.

Gyms back then were more like dungeons, and you would only go in for one purpose and one purpose only: to lift weights. The old timers would go in there, concentrate fully on their workout, train hard, and get the heck out. For most bodybuilders back then, there were probably no easy days in the gym. You either give it all you got, or you don't workout at all.

Since they understood the importance of lifting heavy weights to build muscle on most if not all compound exercises, this made easy workouts virtually impossible. They HAD to concentrate on what they were doing. They HAD to work hard on each rep of each set of each exercise. If they didn't, they wouldn't get any stronger, and if they didn't get any stronger then they knew they wouldn't get any bigger.

There were few if any supplements back then and steroids weren't even heard of yet. They didn't have machines or pulleys or cables. But what they did have was more then average successful weight trainers.

Gains of 10 pounds a month for hardgainers was not uncommon, and many gained 20 to 30 pounds of muscle within just a couple of months without much of a thought. Why? Because they weren't exposed to the same bunch of garbage that is out there today. They trained with the right knowledge and loads of hard work and common sense.

If you really want results from your workouts, you have got to change your attitude and thinking towards your training. Think of how the old timers trained next time you hit the gym. Go there with a single purpose in mind, and never let your mind stray from your workout. Your results will triple by focusing your mind while at the gym. If you're just an "average" gym member, you're going to get average results.

If you really want to know how to build muscle size and add some raw strength, then keep your workouts simple, focus on the compound exercises, and workout with 110% intensity. Next time you're at the gym, think about how the old timers trained, and your results will improve tenfold.