How Many Calories are Needed Per Day?

by : Philip Kebbell

The answer is.....well it really depends on the individual as to the number of calories burned in a day due to the amount of physical work or exercise taken, but the average is roughly 2000. So theoretically if you eat 2000 calories per day you shouldn't gain any weight, however you need to breakdown the definition of calories into their 3 main types in order to totally manage your weight control.

You need to consider the amount of protein, carbohydrates (carbs) and fat within your food intake. This leads to both people and diet nutrition plans counting the calories and in the supermarket, you stand there looking at the ingredients on the packaging of every food product. What a miserable and thankless task. You want to be able to enjoy your food and be able to eat, within moderation, whatever you like.

Also there are some diet eating plans which concentrate on one aspect of your food intake such as a low fat diet or low carbs but you need to look at the whole of your diet to really be sure your diet eating plan will be successful while still receiving proper nutrition levels. All three calorie types need to be eaten, but in what quantities? Now I'm not here to knock any diet plans especially if they have worked for some people, however you don't only want to loose weight but you need to be able to maintain your newly lighter weight without having to live on the proverbial "lettuce leaves and carrots".

Another important thing you also need to consider apart from calorie intake is your metabolic rate. You will burn more of your body fat if this can be increased. One way to do this is to take exercise, but how much and what kind?

So with all these questions, what you are looking for is a program that shows you how to manage your calories needed per day, breaking these down into the three types, and by rotating your daily calorie intake will help increase your body's fat burning capability, plus a guide to the right amount and type of exercise that will help increase your metabolic rate which also increases fat burning.

One program I can recommend and where you can find more information and solutions to the above is called fatrelief. This program gives you a comprehensive step by step diet eating plan and provides details on food to buy and avoid as well as the number of times you should eat per day, and you'll be surprised. It's more than you think. It also provides you with a guide to exercising and how much to do in order to loose weight.

If you want to loose weight quickly then there are two other programs, one of these is online where you can choose foods you like from a list and a day planner is generated for you.

The last of these programs shows you how, by following their five principles, you can rapidly loose weight. One principle explains how to stop feeling hungry after you finished your meal.

Finally everything in these guides involve only natural food. There are no pills or weird potions to take, just a carefully balanced daily diet nutrition plan.

I wish you every success in losing weight.